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Book Reviews
Quaker Quicks - Tending Sacred Ground
By: Pamela Haines - Christian Alternative - $12.95

Description: Navigate through the sacred, the impossible, and the unexpected in these hard-won reflections on parenting with humility, connection, resilience and joy.

Tending Sacred Ground: Respectful Parenting is a series of essays, each of which alights on the experience of parenting and is inspired by a Quaker perspective.

Pamela Haines shows how to cultivate respect, resilience, humility, connection, discernment, and joy while encouraging and inspiring a wider view toward inclusion.

Verdict: Quakerism holds a promise and a challenge for parents. The promise is that there is a way of living with and guiding children that can be intensely spiritual, that can broaden and deepen parents spiritual journeys.

However, the challenge is to follow the way once found, to put it into practice in those everyday events we all experience with children getting out of the house on time, being sure homework is done satisfactorily, knowing what adolescents are doing without being overly intrusive.

Ergo, Pamela Hainesí Tending Sacred Ground: Respectful Parenting is a series of essays, each of which alights on the experience of parenting and is inspired by a Quaker perspective.

The eight chapters contained are: Cultivating Respect, Cultivating Resilience, Cultivating Humility, Cultivating Connection, Cultivating Discernment, Cultivating Joy, and finally both Cultivating a Wider View and Cultivating Inclusion.

But to know where the Quaker perspective originates, one must know that common to them all is their never-floundering faith: that there is something more to life than what we can see and touch.

Thus, in naming that Divine, they speak with many voices. For some there is a God, a Divine Being who is guiding them. For others it is the belief that there is a Truth to be sought, an Understanding that may come to them through quiet, deep meditation.

Therein, Tending Sacred Ground: Respectful Parenting showcases a Quaker practice that suggests the methods for following these cultivationís, these testimonies, for creating the kind of family/community they wholly envision.

For using them, following them, and abiding by them (on both sides, for our children can be out teachers also, of course), they can work toward all manner of challenges, whilst constantly monitoring, as they live with and guide their children.

About the Author - A student of economics since childhood, Pamela Haines has spent a lifetime gathering experience, knowledge and perspective to speak with authority on how economic theories and structures shape our lives and challenge our values.

She has written pamphlets and magazine articles and lead workshops based on demystifying connections between economics and daily life, while challenging people to claim their power and act on their values. Pamela lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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