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Book Reviews
The Jesus Puzzle
By: Brenda Watson - Christian Alternative - $15.95

Description: The Jesus Puzzle: Challenging intellectual uncertainty about Jesus shares the question of knowledge of the historical Jesus, in order to refute skeptics who consider that we can know very little about Him - and to encourage Christians to have more confidence in relating to what is said about Jesus in the gospels.

Verdict: Uncertainty may be one of the worst feelings. Especially if the uncertainty involves something we care about deeply.

How do we respond when we face uncertain situations? I typically try to hold tighter to what I can, to force the outcome my heart desires. I also try to hold on to things I can�t hold on to. Or I try to change things that are outside of my power or control. And the more I realize all the things outside of my control, the more utterly aware I am of the deep panic of uncertainty in my soul.

So, how should we, as Christians, respond to uncertainty? How do we process the chaos and confusion of a pandemic, political uncertainty or even personal crisis? Does God�s Word give us relief for the pain and panic we may be experiencing today? Yes, it certainly does.

The Christian responds to every situation and circumstance of uncertainty with the truth of God�s sovereignty. Sovereignty is simply defined as God�s authority, rule, reign and control over all things. While we may face uncertainty, there is never an ounce of uncertainty for God.

Here in Brenda Watson�s new book The Jesus Puzzle: Challenging Intellectual Uncertainty about Jesus (out March 1st, 2023), a book that was actually going to press at the very same time that The Queen of England sadly passed, she lovingly makes the point that it was relevant to note how important Jesus was for Queen Elizabeth, in strengthening her commitment to service, which won her universal accolades.

Broken down into nine chapters, the first being Does it Matter that We Know, the latter being Overcoming the Reason/Faith Dichotomy, from start to finish of this 171 page book, everything Brenda touches upon is heartfelt, genuine and never once manipulative to her own cause.

Brenda further dictates that she hopes her new book may well help to dispel any anti-intellectual approach to Christian commitment, and provide an opportunity for widespread debate.

I think, having now read the book twice through, that it will do just that, for out only job in this life is to reflect the love, goodness, grace and glory of Christ to a broken world. Everything else is in the firm and faithful hands of our loving God.

About the Author - After teaching in secondary schools and lecturing at Didsbury College of Education, first in History then in Religious Studies, Brenda Watson became Director of the Farmington Institute for Christian Studies in Oxford until 1988. Subsequently, she was an Education Consultant, and is now retired.

She has been concerned with these issues most of her working life, and has published books and articles on these themes. She has a special concern to try to cross boundaries between learning and real life. She lives in West Malvern, UK.

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