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Book Reviews
A Beginner�s Guide to Ogham Divination
By: Ceri Norman - Moon Books - 19.95

Description: Discover the magic, mythology and meaning of the 25 trees of the Celtic Ogham, once the alphabet of the ancient Celts and now a system of divination that is perfect for tree lovers everywhere.

Verdict: A Beginner�s Guide to Ogham Divination (Paganism & Shamanism) invites and guides you to forge a meaningful and deep connection with the trees by listening to and learning from them. Each of the trees acts as a wise and insightful guide.

By tuning into the energies, magic and personality of each of the trees, we can come to better understand them and to better understand ourselves.

Featuring traditional correspondences, ancient kennings, folklore, divinatory spreads and so much more this book gives you a step-by-step to working with the Ogham as a practical as well as spiritual means of divination.

Taking it from the top, The Tree Alphabet acts as the primer for learning about the Ogham characters, their meanings, and their tree associations.

Trees were of great importance to the Celts of ancient Ireland, and not only provided shelter and sustenance but were sources of magic and power. The word Druid itself comes from the Celtic name for the oak - duir.

Druids gave the trees symbolic importance, and by understanding the trees, and the solar and lunar cycles, the Ogham characters not only allowed communication between each other, but the associated symbols and meanings were ways to tap into the subconscious, the other world, the land of the fae, to divine your way in this world.

The 5 Aicmes: The original 20 letters are formed with simple shapes of straight and diagonal lines. They could be easily formed with fingers, used as a secret language, and carved into wood or stone, for navigation, passing of knowledge, and marking territories.

These 20 letters were split into 4 groups, with each group (aicme/family) named after the first tree in that group: Beith, Huath, Muin, and Ailm.

​ Five additional letters called Forfeda were introduced mainly in the manuscript tradition several centuries after the peak of ogham usage. They appear to have represented sounds felt to be missing from the original alphabet.

So what you can expect to garner from this insightfully, and oh-so dutifully written new book, is a gained greater wisdom, stronger magic and a deeper healing within. You will also be able to build a powerful connection to nature and explore the mystical teachings of trees with this illuminating book of rituals.

Filled with meditations, stories, activities, and correspondences, this easy-to-use guide introduces you to the spiritual lessons and magic of the aicme ailim vowels and the forfeda. You�ll also discover how these Celtic ceremonies fit into the Wheel of the Year so you can access tree energy year-round.

In short, this book acts as your doorway into the sacred wisdom of not only trees, but also totems, guides, and deities. Each chapter presents step-by-step instructions on preparing and performing the Ogham�s ritual as well as associated keywords, holidays, songs, chants, and more.

From guided journeys to altar blessings, Celtic Tree Ogham�s activities help lift the spirits and realign all your stressed mantra�s, so come on in, find the magic and then bring the magic, mystery and meaning of the trees into your own life today!

About the Author - Ceri Norman is a dedicated Faerie Priestess, folklorist, historian and an internationally known author. Her inspiration comes from ancient magic, mythology and monuments, as well as the inner realms of magic and mystery.

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