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Book Reviews
Three Initiates: The Kybalion
By: Edited by Lucas Fernando Sosa & Alberto O. Asla - O-Books, $19.95

Description: As a modern version of one of the greatest classics of esoteric literature, this book is rich in symbolism with a narrative and visual manifestation that will mesmerize the reader.

Simultaneously simple and complex, this work will help open wide the door of knowledge.

Verdict: Each chapter within Three Initiates: The Kybalion, is accompanied by an image whose graphic, enigmatic and archetypal form artistically represents the infinite wisdom that the work possesses.

These optical illusions give the reader a better visualization of the universe and how immensely infinite it is, in addition to how imperceptible it may be in the eyes of the human being.

The Hermetic Philosophy: �The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.� � The Kybalion.

From the off, I can tell you that I seriously doubt you�ll have ever read something so profound and life changing, even in terms of philosophical books, once you have become attached to this supremely eye-opening book.

I mean, this is in another realm and sure, I also recommend the Corpus Hermeticum too, but if you want an interpretation and insight into the knowledge, then this is the book.

For those unknowing, The Kybalion has been a significant spiritual guide and sacred text, filled with such profound wisdom for the longest of time now, and is so simple that all one needs to do is be still, listen, open and connect with all life.

We do not need dogma, ego, fear, politics, hierarchy, icons, etc. to reach a higher spiritual perspective and understanding of our place on earth or reason for existence. We have choice to recognize and understand what is right before us � natural universal laws around us and within us, already given at birth, if we open our minds, senses, spirits, curiosity and connect.

As a whole, The Kybalion presents seven basic principles, universal laws, if you will, which will seem familiar. When mankind lost its connection to the universal consciousness, the teachings were withdrawn from this plane. These laws affect all planes of existence, from the lowest to the highest. No sentient being is exempt from these laws.

These principles include the mental, correspondence, rhythm, polarity, cause and effect, vibration, and gender. And, aside from the more widespread interest a book such as this should generate, this book would more appeal to those seekers of truth, and should be made available to anyone who wishes to explore the depths of the the universal knowledge.

In short, Three Initiates: The Kybalion can change your life when you realize how interrelated everything and everyone is and how perfectly designed the universe is: to connect us in Light, Love and understanding; to raise our consciousness, evolve our spiritual nature; to humble us and instill gratitude for all the gifts of life.

About the Author - The authors of The Kybalion chose to be anonymous, possibly because the principles and philosophy it outlines cannot be accredited to any person.

iving around the turn of the twentieth century, speculation abounds on their identity. There are some who make the argument that William Walker Atkinson (1862 - 1932) was its sole author.

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