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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
The Ripple of Awakening
By: Ann-Marie Marchant - O-Books, $19.95

Description: The Ripple of Awakening: A Mighty Companion on the Spiritual Awakening Journey is about a spiritual awakening, what that means and looks like from the human perspective.

It explores the highs, the lows, the commonalities, the phases and the stages and ways in which the reader can support themselves.

It is real, raw, authentic, at times funny, certainly inspiring and full of hope.

Verdict: As one reader has kindly, and heartfeltly already revealed, she (who has a PhD in Genetics and is a former Neuro-Scientist) was firmly steeped in the belief that when you are dead, you are DEAD, but that her time of a Spiritual aspect arrived when she was rocked to her core following the death of two husbands (and she wished she had had a book much like this one to hand with which to guide her, at a time when she hadn�t felt more lonely).

Ergo, The Ripple of Awakening: A Mighty Companion on the Spiritual Awakening Journey by author Ann-Marie Marchant helps all those wishing to awaken, to spiritually heal within these messy, painful and sometimes desperate times.

Aimed at those, for the most part, left totally confused and bewildered by life and what it has done to them, what it has robbed them of, this very sensitively written book is also lighthearted, fun and extremely insightful.

Ann-Marie takes the reader�s hand and walks them step-by-step through the stages of their own healing journey and offers ways that can inspire them, with practical suggestions and practices such as prayer, meditation, self-inquiry, self-care, self-expression, forgiveness and inner-child healing.

At the heart of the book is a flushing out of the reader�s relationship, or lack of relationship, with God. Ann-Marie reveals how she went from a complete non-believer and came to eventually work for the big guy upstairs, being guided to become a multi-faith minister.

She endeavors to de-funk the ego�s construct of God and inspire the reader to wake up to the love, peace, guidance and joy that is waiting for them through their connection with the God of their own understanding.

In short, it is written by someone who has definitely been there, done that and got the tshirt, as the saying goes and with the core element being to always trust the voice within you, The Ripple of Awakening may well begin there, but it also follows through on all that comes after that; as you yourself begin your own Spiritual Journey.

About the Author - Ann-Marie Marchant, former atheist and control freak, now lives a life of divine guidance and grace. She is passionate about helping those who are ready to embrace a peaceful mind and open heart, and her first book �The Ripple of Awakening� is the gift she offers to those who are ready and willing to remember the joy of who they truly are.

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