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Book Reviews
Pagan Portals - Abnoba: Celtic Goddess of the Wild
By: Ryan McClain - Moon Books, $12.95

Description: Pagan Portals - Abnoba: Celtic Goddess of the Wilds enables you to take an investigative journey to connect with Abnoba, the mysterious woodland goddess of the ancient Gauls.

Verdict: The Gauls were the ancient Celtic people of continental Europe. Deep in the Black Forest, they worshiped Abnoba, the goddess of the wilds. In this book you will learn of the connections that Abnoba has to the forests, rivers, springs and wildlife and explore what we know of the historical record, before looking to similar goddesses.

Explore a year of festivals along with tips for building an altar, a discussion of prayers and meditations and a Gaulish dedication ritual. Uncover what Abnoba can bring to your life and the many ways that she can enrich it.

Whether as an intrepid huntress, a confirmed virgin, a moon-goddess and a protector of pregnant women, Diana [Abnoba] has an allure all her own. At the same time, she is a goddess whose historical importance is out of the ordinary on more than one account.

As noted, The Gauls were highly faithful to her; they identified with her the deities of several important places, such as Abnoba (goddess of the Black Forest ridge where the Danube rises).

And in Celtic polytheism, Abnoba has been interpreted to be a forest and river goddess, and is known from about nine epigraphic inscriptions. One altar at the Roman baths at Badenweiler, Germany, and another at Mühlenbach identify her with Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt.

Abnoba, sometimes spelt Arnoba or Arbona, is obviously very important to the author of the just-released Pagan Portals - Abnoba: Celtic Goddess of the Wild, Ryan McClain, for he goes indepth into her origins, the landscape of which she would have appeared, and then into the whole lore that accompanied her presence.

A valuable resource for Pagans and those who are interested in connecting deeper with this wondrous Gaulish goddess, the book is a rather fascinating insight into not only the historical aspects on the subject matter, but the Celtic deity as a whole, along with modern day Pagan practices.

About the Author - Ryan McClain is a member of the Gaulish Polytheism Community. He is a graduate of Ivy Tech Community College. He is dedicated to the Goddess Abnoba, and is an active environmentalist and homemaker. He lives in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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