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Book Reviews
Awakening the Lotus of Peace
By: Jenny Light - Mantra Books, $18.95

Description: Awakening the Lotus of Peace is a yoga book of how to go deeper in meditation to reach the highest goal of Samadhi and find lasting peace.

This a detailed book of exercises, pranayamas and meditations by a kundalini-awakened teacher, explaining how to bypass or overcome many of the meditation pitfalls with reference to yoga philosophy, Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.

Verdict: Simply put, Awakening the Lotus of Peace: Yoga Meditation for Inner Peace by Jenny Light is a most peaceful, never hurried, and always relatable read centered around Yoga meditations for inner peace by the kundalini-awakened teacher herself.

Featuring sections on Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga, the book teaches us how to go deeper in meditation to reach the highest goal of Samadhi and find lasting peace.

A tall order for most all of us given our daily lives, but Light has sculptured her words so blissfully, so profoundly that this detailed book of expertly written, easy to understand, and even easier to act upon exercises, pranayamas and meditations is a veritable must-have for all those people who just need this kind of lasting happiness in their lives right now (and forever).

As has been brought forth now for a long time, Samadhi cannot be actually, physically practiced, as it happens spontaneously during meditation, thus if you dedicate time to your practice of dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation), you may yourself experience a sudden escalation into Samadhi.

To fully understand Samadhi, some practitioners believe Samadhi and enlightenment are synonymous. Others think Samadhi leads to enlightenment, while yet another group is convinced Samadhi makes the mind go blank.

Indeed, some of those seeking Samadhi hope it will fall into their hands if they pray hard enough, and others believe (as noted above) the techniques of yoga and meditation will push them toward Samadhi (or pull Samadhi toward them).

Ergo, and whatever your own belief in Samadhi, I think we can all agree that we all need to relax the intensity of our daily efforts and meditate on the endless energy within us all for a better, calmer, more relaxed and centered existence.

And with its plain to read and therein understand chapters - such as Peace Is Always Present, Peace as the Softest Breeze, The Gentle Fragrance of Peace, Expanding into Peace, Ocean of Peace, The Divine Elixer of Peace, and many more - Awakening the Lotus of Peace: Yoga Meditation for Inner Peace most definitely helps us all get on the path to doing that.

About the Author - Jenny Light is a teacher of meditation and yoga, healer, podcaster and inspirational speaker at many MBS events across the UK. Places at her yogic meditation courses, workshops and retreats are highly sought after.

Her book, Living Lightly, details her spiritual journey from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to regaining her own health. She lives in Ayrshire, Scotland.

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