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Book Reviews
Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists
By: Jens Amberts - Iff Books, $16.95

Description: Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists is a philosophical argument demonstrating why the existence of an afterlife is beyond astronomically likely and hence empirically certain.

It explains how we have every rational reason to think that people who have near-death experiences are not only telling the truth, but the book also argues that near-death experiencers are thoroughly justified in knowing that they visited the actual afterlife.

Verdict: Even for sceptics, with this intriguing, and wholly invested new book arguing that near-death experiencers are thoroughly justified in knowing that they visited the actual afterlife, let alone their testimonies amassing innumerable pathways where logical cases can be not only configured, but argued intensely alongside, Jens Amberts’ Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists is a read that once completed will have you reaching back through its variously engrossing chapters as the days/weeks/months progress.

Does everything about a person disappear at death? The body? Sure, it’s gone. The brain? It stops working, then dissolves. But what about awareness? Does our consciousness end forever? Nothing could be more frightening! Is there any hope? Are there ways that, conceivably, our consciousness can survive the ultimate insult?

Here in Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists, Jens bases his findings, nay his beliefs on four fundamental facts about Near Death Experiences (NDEs) that culminate from the aforementioned experiences along with actual scientific research.

Simply put, for they are each more in-depth to explain than simply writing a short paragraph for them each could ever hope to showcase, but that aside, the four fundamental facts about NDEs are: The overwhelming majority of people who have had an NDE become personally convinced of the reality of survival and an afterlife based on their personal experience and that An NDEr will more often than not say that the reality that they encountered whilst they were going through this experience was a lot more real than this reality that we participate in as humans on a daily basis.

The third fact is more than forty years of scholarly research has shown that no physiological, psychological, nor sociological predictor has yet been identified as either necessary or sufficient to cause or prohibit an NDE or its depth when someone has survived proximity to death, and finally, that Millions of people, probably even tens of millions of people, have had NDEs.

Thus I would suggest reading this book, whether you are a skeptic, a random passerby in the book shop aisle, or someone who has always wondered about such a thing, for Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists is a book that is a must-read for all of us hoping for such a wondrous, warm, comforting thing as an Afterlife.

About the Author - Jens Amberts is trained in philosophy at Linköping University, and his primary research interests are near-death experiences and the intersection between philosophy and spirituality. He lives in Linköping, Sweden.

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