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Book Reviews
Archibald Mountbank and the Miniscule Miracles
By: G.A. Milnthorpe - Roundfire Books, $9.95

Description: Archibald Mountbank has the power to make almost anything 1% better. Whether you want to be 1% better looking or 1% taller, Archibald Mountbank is your man. He can even boost your immune system or your willpower... for a fee.

Archibald Mountbank, one of the richest (and most hated) men in Britain, is about to retire from his highly contentious profession. But before he retires, Mountbank’s Commercial Manager has accepted an offer to allow Mountbank to be shadowed by a journalist.

Alistair Dodd, a cynical journalist commissioned to write a hatchet job biography, gets a rare look into the life and practices of the elusive Mountbank and discovers that everyone needs to believe in something ... it’s just a question of what.

Verdict: Running at just 73 pages in length and featuring 13 small, yet visually edible chapters throughout, Archibald Mountbank and the Miniscule Miracles is more a novella than a book.

Our titular character, one Archibald Mountbank studiously lays claim to the fact that he has the power to make almost anything 1% better for a desirable fee.

Now, no, you didn’t read that wrong and nor did I leave another figure of that percentage, for Mountbank will only make your life better by the aforementioned 1% (and not a per cent more!)

And so those looking to improve their outcomes within life - personal or business - flock to this highly contentious professional man, to see if their collective heart’s desires and affirmatively-charged chances therein can indeed be raised by just 1% more.

Thus, Archibald Mountbank has become very rich and very famous from an endless stream of bookings for his ‘laying of hands’ on these recipients and has done for quite a while now.

In a book containing his brand of miniscule miracles that exist within the realms of faith, doubt, belief, gullibility, and more, having read it three times through now, I think it is plain to see that Archibald Mountbank and the Miniscule Miracles may well be a novella, but contained within its pages is a wealth of self-help, self-analyzation and self-awareness tones that could also arguably, and ably juxtapose into a learned skill set.

About the Author - G.A. Milnthorpe is a published author, with three books published to date. He has also had some modest success in the theatre, including two professionally produced plays, and also featured on the BBC Radio Norfolk New Comedy Show. He lives in Bury St. Edmund, UK.

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