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Book Reviews
The Effective Presenter
By: Ryan J. Warriner JHP Business, $17.95

Description: The Effective Presenter: The Winning Formula for Business Presentations serves as a presentation resource for everyone from interns to executives in the private sector.

It centers around a proprietary presentation framework and outlines the complete formula to preparing, designing and delivering an effective professional presentation.

The Effective Presenter combines information, research and first-hand experiences to offer unique insights and outline common misconceptions of professional presentations. It provides a blend of practical skills and advice to supplement the optimal presentation formula and build confidence.

Verdict: Simply put, The Effective Presenter is a quite magnificently structured framework for any and all people either readying themselves for their very first presentation or their fiftieth or even their hundredth and counting.

With more than a decade of professional presentation experience and skills in his locker, Warriner has spoken to, and presented in front of small, medium and large groups for many years now.

Thus his incredible brain-stored database of the best ways to conduct not only your presentation but also yourself during such events is pure, unadulterated gold dust for both newbies and old timers alike.

Again, The Effective Presenter is more than just a How To with regard how to deliver your presentation visually, for it delves deeply into how to mentally prepare, physically prepare and then how to conduct yourself accordingly throughout.

With Warriner having himself performed thousands of professional presentations, whilst designing hundreds more for others, his knowledge is truly invaluable within this business.

In closing, you will soon find that the book becomes a Go-To for all your thoughts, questions and needs. From your very first through to your tenth and so forth, whenever you need some information, so guidance or simply a little pep talk of encouragement, Ryan J. Warriner and his The Effective Presenter book will always be there for you.

About the Author - Ryan Warriner is a Professor of Communication, as well as the Director and Executive Coach of Professional Presentation Services.

With over a decade of professional speaking experience and expertise, Ryan has mastered the art and science of enhancing communication. Throughout his career, Ryan has performed thousands of professional presentations, while designing hundreds more.

He has developed a compassionate, strategic, highly effective approach to navigate professional communication. He believes in systematic skill development to improve confidence, optimize messaging, and enhance overall delivery.

He lives in Toronto, Canada and has offices in California, as well as New York.

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