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Book Reviews
Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt ...
By: Paulina Tenner – O-Books, $19.95)

Description: Paulina Tenner presents a unique perspective on emergent social change in the world of work, and a method to achieve a balance of wholeness and profitability in a commercial organization.

As the #metoo movement has swept over the globe, it’s time to begin a discussion of how feminine and masculine principles can be integrated together safely, in organizations of all kinds, and in commercial organizations in particular.

This book begins that conversation.

Verdict: In what is a rather jolly, highly informative, and business savvy new read, the brilliantly titled Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt From the Stripper is not only a provocatively bold and tantalizingly thought-challenging read, but it also openly challenges the status quo of how companies are set up and scaled and proposes a radical alternative therein.

Best read with an open mind, and perhaps even a small snifter of something alongside you for good, buoyant measure, if you are seriously looking to make a change in your business this book should be at the forefront of your daily thinking.

Chock full of modern leadership techniques and sustainable forward conversations to be had, listened to, and even embodied for good measure, what you get here in Tenner’s new book is oh-so much more than simply a new take on an eternally old problem, but a way to break through the self-induced concrete wall of your own passiveness and finally get to unleash the once-quelled desire for more!

Thus, in this magnificently reimagined presentation for the masses, Tenner has translated her experience as a stripper into a very different kind of business book!

Ergo, and with one of many intended socially beneficial outcomes being normalizing sex work to be as accepted a career choice as doctor, lawyer, accountant, this refreshingly honest new book provides a fresh palate for every entrepreneur and business person - who welcomes a productive change within their structured reality – to paint their newly-envisioned future from.

About the Author: Paulina is a founder, a tech startup angel investor, a TEDx speaker and conference presenter. She has been featured in the press and TV interviews numerous times over the last few years. As a thought leader, she is committed to radical authenticity and bringing a new paradigm of organizational consciousness into the wider world. She lives in London, UK.

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