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Book Reviews
Secrets of Angels on Earth
By: Allan J. Sweeney – O-Books, $24.95)

Description: Within the veritably electric new book Secrets of Angels on Earth: Life-Changing Clues to Liberate and Inspire, we quickly discover a new definition of love can inspire belief and faith for seekers, mystic teachers, and physicians alike.

Highlights include how love improves anger management and relieves depression, anxiety, sadness, fear, and emotions. Learn how love creates vitality and health in your mind, body and spirit.

Verdict: Within this thought-provoking new book, Sweeney addresses a select group of people, none more so than the Angels on Earth and, albeit occasionally, those beloved Angels to Be.

Not a stranger to having gazed upon an Angel or three in his own life, Sweeney – who in his early decades of life in the UK, had doctors registering him as 80% disabled, serious illness besetting him at every corner, when one day a lady unexpectedly placed her hands on him for 10 minutes and suddenly, substantially cured him enough that he soon thereafter travelled the world seeking other cures – also timidly estimates that only 0.25% of the population belongs to this former group.

In this first book to describe an earth angel’s journey from past lives, reincarnation, and pregnancy, through child and adulthood, to life after death, Sweeney delves deep into the evolution of human consciousness, a place where the learnt experiences of multiple incarnations, soul experiences within their Love and presence of God, formulate splendidly by incarnating as an Angel on Earth.

As we progress through the book we learn of how the steps to such a gracious beholding include an allegiance to an angelic mission, albeit one that – due to a life’s imperfections – that might face the limitations of this material plane, therefore creating a challenge to transcend in order to incarnate as a human; the unconditional Love in all its Angels on Earth potential, so to speak.

The book also refers to this so-called challenge of embodiment, examining each stage of the process, with suggestions and explanations to help these people overcome them, but at no time does Sweeney talk down to us, or even confuse the messages with overly convoluted paragraphs.

Thus, to me – and the person I gave it to for a second opinion – this new book from Sweeney is a beautifully unique examination of Sweeney’s very own garnered wisdom and the subject matter to hand, and in the level of detail and key points that are brought forth, he most eloquently describes all that he has learnt; and thusly, and concisely provides all that we need to choose to also embrace his theories as our own (or not, as the case may be, of course).

About the Author: Allan J. Sweeny has been R&D, implementation, training, and marketing of iCAM therapies specific to a condition or symptom, with effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, safety, repeatability, and permanency outcomes.

His innovative systematic approaches to healthcare provision uniquely bring research, bio-science, training, marketing and integrative medical practice to the bio-energy therapy world. He lives in Margate, UK.

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