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Book Reviews
Empathy for the Devil ...
By: Jerry Hyde / O-Books, $13.95

Description: In this three part book Empathy for the Devil: Make Your Demons Work for You. Without Selling Your Soul, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll are all hot topics as Jerry Hyde yet again plunges into sex, psychedelics, hurricanes and heroes on a quest for the truth at all costs; whilst exploring issues of plant medicine and community through narrative.

Verdict: Having transitioned from an earlier life in music and heavy drug-use, Jerry Hyde may well continue to write books much like the one here in front of me, but he has also taken on the mantel of becoming a therapist; working with people individually and in menís groups, taking people on vision quests in Nepal and other locations.

Ergo, and knowing that about the man going in, his new book Empathy for the Devil: Make Your Demons Work for You. Without Selling Your Soul reads as a much more ornate cluster of thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams and everything in between than if I had simply opened the cover and unknowing dived in.

Personally, and having now read the book in whole, and even having gone back to re-read certain chapters, Jerry Hyde is my kind of writer, for he not only peers into the glassy darkness that sometimes surrounds our souls, but subsequently himself dives head first into their labyrinthine subculture of sex, drugs and rock and roll in a way that resonates a set of deeply personal experiences.

A man whose approach to life, let alone the writing of his books, that ensures strong statements are brought forth on every page, can either have you warmly embracing his pathos or repelling those unsure in an instant, but what Hyde does do with aplomb here in Empathy for the Devil is powerfully attract the mainstay into his world, ensuring that he always has plenty of new and open eyes and minds allowing him the opportunities to become vividly entertained.

As noted, filled with deep and challenging transformational exercises, Empathy for the Devil is more than a book, itís an experience, a call to arms, an invitation to embark on a self-inquiry so profound that if accepted can only leave you changed forever!

In closing, when it comes to self-development, this is as Gonzo as it gets, but as Hyde carefully, and clearly exhibits, his creativity was born from the flip side to his multiple addictions and thus what we read, what we learn, what we absorb here in this new book are psychologically imbibed paragraphs of knowledgeable power.

And thus what we then choose to do with those pockets of information after swallowing them is completely down to us!

About the Author: Jerry Hyde has worked in film, theatre, TV, and the music business. After retraining as a psychotherapist he has had a fairly conventional career, until losing the plot and rebranding himself in the somewhat out-there style for which he is become known. He lives in London, UK.

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