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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
Heal Your Soul History: Activate the True Power ..
By: Tracee Dunblazier - GoTracee Publishing, $16.95)

Description: Is Reincarnation ruining your life?

Your past lives could be affecting the current one.

This national award-winning book will change how you look at your life and the lives of others from now on.

Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, understanding the spiritual imprints of your unique soul and how they’re impacting your life today can help you gain power over the negative forces that hold you back.

Verdict: Whether what's to come here is your cup o' tea or not, there's no denying that Tracee Dunblazier's 'Heal Your Soul History: Activate the True Power of Your Shadow' (a Demon Slayer's Handbook) is chock full of viable, applicable and usable denotations for our everyday lives.

For simply understanding the basic elements of reincarnation and all that tracks with it, allowing yourself to become more fully aware of your soul, and beginning to register as to how things you take for granted each day are negatively impacting your life, can only be a good thing, right.

Myself, I went into the book with an open mind. I hadn't heard of Tracee's work before now, nor knew anything about this latest book of hers (or even what a Demon Slayer's Handbook' really meant outside the world of Buffy, in truth.

Tracee, herself a Los Angeles-based spiritual empath, shaman, author and speaker, who specializes in teaching others to address and embrace their energy dynamics through "soul excavation" opens by informing us that (and to answer my previous question), "A shaman's handbook focuses on overcoming the demons of daily life". Ergo, a Demon Slayer is born.

We further learn that Tracee styles herself as this aforementioned Demon Slayer, a spiritual warrior with survival skills honed over many lifetimes.

Here in her latest book, 'Heal Your Soul History,' Tracee only really touches on reincarnation and is moreover a self-help guide for both believers and non-believers alike.

For her overall message that winds its way casually throughout is that no matter what negativity you are dealing with, and even if there's a soul out there trying to contact you or even mess with you, within these pages you can find a new perspective on the mysteries of life.

Dedicated to all the c"courageous demon slayers who came before …." anyone interested, or just mildly curious, about past lives should definitely invest (time and money) in this book.

Beginning with the adage to Fight the Devil and Win: One Demons at a Time, sub chapters reveal our mutually assigned bouts of both Fear and Courage, and that no matter the state of our personal darkness or even light, everything has a purpose; and that those who seek it to understand this purpose will find an easy justice.

Importantly, Tracee also talks about abuse, whether it takes the form of physical, sexual or emotional and how to complete the event by bringing said abuse to the fore for all to hear and see; thus beginning the cleansing of your soul and the surrendering to the demon within you that might well have been holding you back all these years due to those dark times in your past.

She even tackles what happens when we die and details how she herself had had a conversation with a fifteen year-old who just wasn't getting it due to her obvious grief and lack of understanding on the subject matter, as a whole.

In truth, the book is a wonderful resource for self-healing and one that I simply couldn't put down (finished it cover to cover in 3 days). I learnt things along the way too, things that I have a feeling will stay with me until I pass on.

But Tracee doesn't just put up her side show table and expect you to be mesmerized by your own reflections, far from it, for she reveals a deeply personal, and moving account of her and others' spiritual experiences too.

Talking a lot about self-acceptance, love, and healing, Tracee's words are very moving and trust me when I say that each reader who ventures into the midst of this book, will definitely come out the other side a more alert, open, and big-eyed and bushy-tailed willing observer of life through self-reflection.

In closing, 'Heal Your Soul History: Activate the True Power of Your Shadow' is HIGHLY, oh so highly recommended.

Fight the devil and win, one demon at a time:
Become a Slayer through your own spiritual process.
Learn what a spiritual imprint is and why you attract the things you do.
Understand how the culture you live in impacts your health on every level.
Develop your psychic and spiritual awareness and learn how a home altar can help.
Discover karmic life patterns and potentially resolve them forever.
Examine addiction, depression, and mental illness from a spiritual perspective.
Receive a new framework for healing, from the soul to the body.

About The Author: Tracee Dunblazier is a Los Angeles-based spiritual empath, shaman, and national award-winning author-publisher, who specializes in teaching others to address and embrace their energy dynamics through excavating the soul.

As a multi-sensitive, Tracee creates a unique healing experience for every client and reader. Her compassionate, humorous, down-to-earth style supports and empowers others to accept themselves while addressing vulnerabilities and uncomfortable topics.

Writing is a natural expression for Tracee's stories and experiences with her ability to break down complex spiritual and emotional dynamics into their simplest form.

Her books focus on the relationship dynamics that we all have to ourselves, our world and each other. And, the powerful theme that every person can heal on all levels.

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