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Book Reviews
'What's Next'
By: Daniel Ryan Day - Discovery House, $14.99

Description: Stuck in a dead-end job and not sure what to do next? Confused by the options — or lack of options — for a career path? Desperately trying to hear God’s voice and frustrated by His silence?

Daniel Ryan Day can relate.

From struggling to find direction for college, to doors slamming shut on his dream job, to getting fired from a job he was finding success in — all Day wanted was to answer God’s call on his life. If only he could figure out what that was.

Verdict: Well, cutting to the chase and Day did indeed find the answers in Scripture — where they had been all along — and finally God’s will made sense.

As we learn from this highly insightful, thought provoking new book, Day had expected that the “dream job” and “God’s call” were the same thing.

What he discovered set him free from frustration so he could confidently step forward in God’s will. It allowed him to thrive. And it will do the same for you.

Once the Introduction - a warm greeting of a hand that calms you and gently explains not only why Day is here (writing this book) but moreover why you might have found your way here also - the opening chapter ('What's Next') truly starts at the beginning re: How Day was thirty years old and had still not figured out who he was going to be.

Of course, as we get older the age-old question of ponderance What's next for me? is more profound, but as we are all only human, we tend to push that to the back of our minds to deal with more "pressing" daily "issues."

In 'What's Next,' Day tries to guide us through that mental barrier of ours and have us to try and concentrate on what it is we're actually looking for - from within our lives currently and for our future.

In the opening chapters Day doesn't overly imbue his words in the Spiritual aspects of his life, of his world, simply pointing out that the things we actually want are 1) A sense of purpose, and 2) A level of fulfillment within our lives (at all times).

The book goes on to detail how our search for the so-called "dream job" might have always been an elusive one and how we tend to shy away from those jobs that we were always so sure were not for us (when they could have been perfect for us all along), and then the chapters unfold their Spirituality thereafter.

Without giving away too many more secrets from this honest, passionately-written new book, one of the chapters ('Fight, Fight, Fight!') that stood out to me was further on where Day instructs us (suggests, moreover) to live with intentionality.

He explains it as the step beyond all good intentions is actually beyond just the desire to help. Where, and which makes great sense to all those tuned in, so to speak, most of us have that inert desire to help others.

For as it relates to this book, let alone the Bible, most of us want to live out God's calling on our lives, but the actual living-it-out part - now that's hard (although, perhaps now made a little easier to comprehend and put into motion now this book is in our lives, of course).

'What’s Next' also includes discussion questions to help you process what you’ve learned through Scripture and guide you toward your next steps. About the Author: Daniel Ryan Day is an author, speaker, blogger, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Discover the Word, and fellow believer who spent quite a few years trying to figure out God’s call on his life.

His search for answers—accompanied by earning a master’s in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary—led him to discover that God reveals every Christian’s broader calling within the pages of Scripture. Day lives in North Carolina with his family.

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