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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
'Lost And Found' (ArcheBooks Publishing)
By: Captain Tom Williams
(Paperback / ArcheBooks Publishing / 310 Pages / $14.10)

Description: Two brilliant scientists pioneer a means of exploring for hidden oil reserves using satellite technology. However, they find a treasure worth much more than black gold—real gold, in every sunken treasure ship in the world’s oceans. Together with a beautiful dive master and salvage expert, the treasures of antiquity are all there for the taking—if the adventuresome trio can just stay alive long enough!

Verdict: Even though this book was released on paperback late last year, with all there is to do in an entertainment office taking the time out toread it stretched me over into late last month! That said, wow, I truly now wish I'd read sooner and quicker as it is one hell of an adventurous ride, let me tell you!

From the off it's quite clear that Captain Tom Williams has poured his vast years of knowledge of the local waters, experience and love for overall adventure into this wonderful book.

To give you a brief synopsis for 'Lost and Found,' two scientists (Peter Clopec and Brian Pauliss) are initially employed by Odessa Petroleum Consultants to search for oil deposits on the earth from outer space via satellite.

But, as one can only imagine in real life let alone literary life, too much is asked of the satellite's task and with much data remaining unreadable the project is halted. Add to that the subplot of the actual CEO of the company rigging said very same project in order to make some insider trading money and, well, so our story really begins to take off!

With both Clopec and Pauliss now fired after some shared drinks they stumble across a moment of pure inspiration. But can it all be too good to be true, perhaps? They believe they now know how they can save the company. But it's going to take stealth, planning and tactical know how to do it. Oh, and a fair bit of breaking and entering skills too!

But, and without giving it all away, their heroic plan works and soon not only does the satellite begin to detect ten masse of valuable resources, but another valuable treasure too: Gold!

And so the adventure of a lifetime for these two guys begins and throughout the second half of the 331 pages never lets up for a second. It truly is a wonderful adventure romp that you honestly wish you could jump into the pages of and join in with!

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