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Monthly Hot Picks!
Be A Part of Sharon Leal Creating Her Debut Album!

You have seen her in 'Why Did I Get Married', 'Woman Thou Art Loosed' & 'DreamGirls'. Now be a part of Sharon Leal's debut album!

From 'Soul Man' opposite Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac, 'Hellcats,' 'Boston Public,' to the Golden Globe Award winning film 'DreamGirls,' she has had such great opportunities to share her breathtaking voice.

2013 is going to be a huge year for Sharon as she stars in 4 feature films including 'Addicted' for Lionsgate Films.

And so here, in Sharon's own words from her Kickstarter page, is exactly what she lovingly needs from you:

"Hi Everyone! It's Sharon Leal. Thank you for checking out my page. This is my first big Studio album undertaking. I Have been signed to labels in the past but It didn't work out due to creative differences."

"Now I am here on Kickstarter and able to do everything my way and create great music for you. I have been writing these songs for years and I am glad that Paul talked me into doing a kickstarter - so here I am!!!!! Please watch the video above where you can listen to some music teasers and hear what I am about. Thank you so very much."

"If you decide to come along for the ride, please remember to tweet and Facebook it to let your friends know. You are all appreciated."

(From Paul Becker, world class choreographer AND Sharon's boyfriend!): "One day I came across a bunch of recordings. I started to listen and it was her singing songs that she had written over the years. They were amazing!! I said to her "I am going to start a Kickstarter campaign for you because these are hits and the world needs to hear these songs". It just amazed me that she has been writing music her whole life but never released an album."

"Life is too short and NOW it is time to help her show the world her music. But a good album ain’t cheap. She has already teamed up with some heavy hitters in the music industry and begun recording. We are asking you to come aboard with completing the album and everything that comes with that."

Where does all my cash go?


What if we exceed our goal?

If by chance we exceed our goal, don't worry, we will definitely put your money to good use. There is a much bigger picture than just this album. Any additional money will go towards:


To thank you so very much, you’ll see tons of rewards in the adjacent photo, bonus tracks, merchandise, and other random stuff that you’ll be able to point to and tell your friends “I helped make this amazing album possible”.

Pledge Levels:

$1 or more
Thank you soooooo much!!!! You will get a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of 4 songs on my album and an email from me with a scanned hand written lyric sheet of one of my soon to be hit songs:):)....and you know we love you!

$5 or more
7 SONGS AND A TWEET!!!!!!Thanks for your donation! I will personally give you a thank you shout out over twitter to let the world know how great you are. We will also send you 7 songs, as well as the hand written lyric sheet.

$25 or more
EARLY BIRD DOWNLOAD, SIGNED CD, A TWITTER FOLLOW, A SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE TRACK, A POSTCARD FROM ME & MENTION YOU IN CD BOOKLET. I will write a special thank you inside of my album cover for you!!!!!!! Sometimes there isn't enough space on an album to put on all of the tracks that I love. For you, that won't matter. You'll get an early download of the album with an EXCLUSIVE TRACK that you can keep secret from everyone else, the fun email updates and photos and the comfort that comes with knowing all of Twitter knows how cool you are for supporting us. I will also send you a note on one of my custom postcards.

$50 or more
TWO TICKETS TO MY INTIMATE CONCERT / RED CARPET CD Release Party! This concert is just for my Kickstarter Supporters, Celebs and Friends. It will be a Bast! Location and date TBD...Prob in LA or NYC. You will also get all of the free "unlimited" stuff and tweets above. This is going to be a blast. I hope you come!

$75 or more
2 VIP PARTY TICKETS. There will be a VIP section of the party. You will have full access to it. Plus I will send you a postcard with a note thanking you. You will also get all of the "unlimited" items, CD, and tweets above too. I appreciate you.

$80 or more
A SIGNED 'WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED: 7TH DAY' HAT & DVD. Own My crew gift from the my film. I will write a personal note to you and sign it. You will also get the party concert tickets, bonus tracks, emails, lyrics and the tweets. The Hat is Black and says "OT7D" on the front. It is pretty cool. I only have ONE!

$100 or more
SIGNED MOVIE POSTERS I will send you a signed poster from one of my films that you can frame if you like. Actually you can tell me what poster you would like me to sign, and I will send you it: Between my films "Why Did I Get Married 1 or 2", "Woman Thou Art Loosed", "This Christmas", or "Dreamgirls". With this, you will also get the CD release Party Tickets as well, and the Notes, tracks, cd, and Tweets.

$125 or more
BE CAST IN MY MUSIC VIDEO! If you want to be in a music video, well....NOW is your chance. Travel not included. You will also get everything that isn't "Limited" above including the concert tickets, cd and bonus tracks and my love.

$150 or more
MOVIE MEMORABILIA FROM MY NEW FILM "ADDICTED" for Lionsgate where I play a sex addict based on the famous Zane books.... These are props used in the film from mouse pad, mugs, and pieces that decorate the office of my character named Zoe. They all fit nicely into a bag used by her character. You will also get everything above that is not "Limited".

$250 or more
MY DIRECTOR CHAIR BACKING FROM MY LATEST FILM 'ADDICTED'. I will sign you a personal note to thank you. You are also welcome to any "unlimited" swag mentioned above, including the tickets, cd's and more!

$400 or more
I WILL PERSONALLY CALL YOU TO THANK YOU and you get all of the "unlimited" goodies above including the tickets to my album release party. I will call you right away!

$450 or more
MY WORKING SCRIPT FROM MY UPCOMING FILM "ADDICTED" signed by William Levy, Boris Kudjoe, and the rest of cast including the director Billy Woodriff. Of coarse we will throw in additional swag including a tweet, a follow, and cd. NOTE: THIS IS THE ONLY ONE...SO GET IT FAST:)

$500 or more
Are you an actor or want to give a gift to someone who wants to be in showbiz??? GET IN THE ROOM WITH CASTING DIRECTOR SEAN COSSEY(Emmy Award Nominee-Twilight Saga, Elf, Unforgiven etc...Just to name a few of his credits). We have arranged private auditions/screenings with Sean. You also don't have to worry because we will give you the tickets and all of our cool "unlimited" items above.

$700 or more
Paul Becker will cast you as an extra in his next Film of TV project! Just to give you an idea...he choreographed Twilight, Sucker Punch, Wimpy Kid and many more! Come have fun on set! You will get all of the fun "unlimited" stuff above too.

$800 or more
OKAY LADIES...TIME TO HAVE A SKYPE CALL WITH DB WOODSIDE! For this limited stock, you get to have a 20 min skype call with the hunkie "Single Ladies" star. Click THESE WORDS now!

$1,000 or more
TWO RED CARPET TICKETS TO THE PREMIERE OF LIONSGATE'S 'ADDICTED'. I starred in this film alongside William Levy, Boris Kudjoe, and Tyson Beckford. Come and watch the movie with all of us at the premiere. You will also get the tweets and advance audio tracks and anything else you like from above.

$1,000 or more
SKYPE SESSION WITH ME. You can enjoy a live skype session with me for 20minutes. Ask me anything you want! Now is your chance. LOL... You are welcome to everything swag above too!! This can be scheduled as early as this month if you like.

$1,500 or more
WANT TO BUST A MOVE????????? Get ready for that wedding???? Or want to dance like the stars?? Get a free hour long dance class from My man, Paul Becker. Paul is a world class choreographer to the stars. Visit to see his work. Don't get the tickets and everything "unlimited" above.

$2,000 or more
COME VISIT ME ON SET of MY NEXT FILM OR TV SHOW. Want to come and hang with the stars? Now is your chance. I will guide you through set, take a seat in my chair and hang out for a while. (This can happen between 2013-2014, depending on what, when, and where I am shooting.) You are welcome to have any additional swag, tickets, cd, and tweets above as well.

$2,500 or more
A PRODUCER CREDIT and a SET VISIT on MY NEXT FILM. All of the cool "unlimited" perks above plus be a producer on the record!!! Your name will be credited on the album.

$5,000 or more
DINNER ALONE WITH ME. A table for two at a restaurant in LA, NYC, or ATL. (If you want to come to LA, We will also fly you and put you up for the night (Note: US Domestic flights only). Your gift bag will be absolutely filled with everything mentioned that is "unlimited"above as well.

$8,000 or more
A HOUSE SHOW at YOUR HOUSE with ME playing MY SONGS for YOU and your friends! If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you!!! I will bring all of the goodies too, and also tweet you and keep you posted on all of the progress. Did I mention that you will get a producer credit on the album.

$10,000 or more
SPEND THE DAY WITH ME I will come and fly to whatever city you may be in and hang with you. Feel free to plan the day. You know I will bring all of the "unlimited" goodies that everyone else loves above. Including the producer credit, the Skype with me, set and studio visits and more!

**ALL SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED IN EVERY PACKAGE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!**please bare this in mind when you look at the prices. it was easier to do things this way for all parties.

Why Kickstarter?

The recording industry has changed dramatically. The usual sources of financing, such as record labels, don’t exist in the same way anymore. Kickstarter offers the unique opportunity for friends, family and fans to be involved in this exciting creative process. You being a part of this really means a lot to us.

Risks and challenges?

Being an independent musician doesn't make creating an album more risky than being signed to a label. In fact, it makes creating an album less risky! By making this album without label support, there's no chance that a clash of opinions will delay the album and no risk of the album being put aside because of changing market conditions.

Perhaps the biggest problem most independent musicians face when creating an album is simply getting it produced. Once you've perfected your lyrics and poured your heart out in dozens of notebooks, finding a great producer to help you put it all together can be difficult! Thankfully, that's not a problem for this project.

YOU CAN HELP! Tell your friends, post the link: on your facebook page, or tweet about it!