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Black Water Rising Black Water Rising

'Come On Up For The Rising'

Hard rockers BLACK WATER RISING are proud to announce the worldwide digital release of their self-titled debut album. The album will be available on I-TUNES,, and

The self-titled debut from BLACK WATER RISING, is a collection of soul baring, angst ridden, riff heavy material that is proudly anchored in the foundations of traditional hard rock song writing. Its giant guitar driven monster riffs are served up on a bed of crushing grooves with soaring melodic vocals and big hooks. Basically, NO FRILLS RIFF ROCK!

Lyrically, the message is socially and politically driven by the dark times we live in. With darkness seemingly growing by the day, BLACK WATER RISING is a name that fits this band like a glove.

With over 50,000 friends on MySpace, mostly from word-of-mouth alone (a lot generated from Sirius Octane), the fan response from around the world has been overwhelmingly positive.

Exclusive Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with BWR's Johnny Fattoruso about their sound.

Your music has itís roots in traditional hard rock. Who were your musical influences growing up and how many still factor into your music today? [JF] "Well, Rob had most of these songs written before the band was even formed, but what drew me to it was the classic vibe they all had but with a newer, fresher sound. My main influences growing up were Kiss, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica, Motorhead etc. But over time I was drawn to much heavier music such as the Bay Area Thrash and the guys even call me the ďmetalĒ guy in the band."

"Our influences are all over the map, from Slayer to The Beatles and I think that I can speak for all of us and say that a lot of the bands we grew up on still play a major role in each of our playing and the band as a whole. Itís who we are as individuals and made us want to play."

Youíve just recently released your debut self-titled album, Black Water Rising. As an up-and-coming band, how would you describe the sound and style of your music? "Thatís a tough one. Itís hard to describe the sound of your own band. I would say that we are a pretty heavy band and not in the sense of what people think heavy is. Iím talking about the vibe and the message we send out. The lyrics are very intelligent, but easy for anybody living in todayís world to relate to. We are definitely riff and groove oriented with very good melodies. Heavy isnít always how distorted the guitars are. Itís the feel of what we do. Thatís the best I can describe BWR from what I hear in my head."

You were recently nominated for a 2009 Doobie Award presented by High Times. Tell us a little bit about this honor. "We actually won the award. Well being an independent band and doing everything ourselves without the help of a label, and being recognized for any award is a huge honor. High Times have been behind us pretty much from day one and to win the award was just awesome. We were up against some pretty big names like Staind, the Eagles of Death Metal, Warrior Soul. So it was just a nice thing to be a part of."

You performed at this yearís SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. How were you approached for this opportunity and what was your favorite memory from this live set? "Gary J from Landshark Promotions is a buddy of ours and he has gone above and beyond to get us out there. And he asked if weíd come down and do the SXSW and we said yes. It was as simple as that. Best memory for me was when we won the Doobie award and then we played a second set that night at the Troubador and just tore the place up. It was definitely one of our best gigs to date. We went up on that stage to turn some heads and we definitely got our point across and made a few new friends/fans in Austin. There was just a good vibe in the air the whole time there."

You have a great blog on your Myspace page featuring the lyrics to several of your songs. Tell us a little bit about the creative process of developing meaningful lyrics for each song you produce. "Well, Rob wrote the lyrics, but I know he is writing about a lot of negative stuff in the world today and putting a positive spin on it. Whether it be about politics or religion, etc. We are not a political band at all. We are just aware of all the crap that is going on around us these days. And Rob really does a great job getting the point across in these songs without choosing a side."

"We do not preach, we touch upon subject matter that will open people's minds hopefully and make them think before they act. Like I said earlier, there was a vibe about the songs that drew me right in and the lyrics were a big part. We all have different opinions and beliefs, but we all share a similar view on whatís going on out there in our world."

Your first single ďBrother Go OnĒ has been receiving heavy rotation on Sirius Satellite Radioís ďOctaneĒ channel. How has this exposure created a buzz with listeners? "Well, since all of us have been in other bands, we knew Jose at Sirius for a few years and he got the song played and it just grew from there. People started to call in and request it and next thing ya know we are in the Top 20 for like 20 something weeks straight. Itís amazing that people related to the song like they did. It definitely got us out to a lot more people than we could have ever done by ourselves and we owe everyone at Sirius a lot for helping us!!!!"

How easy or hard is it to create a new, vibrant, wanted-by-the-public sound that both builds on and surpasses the musical wonderments and accomplishments that preceded it within the industry? "To be honest with you, if you listen to the stuff you can tell we really donít pay that much attention to all of that stuff. I mean we have all been there and done it so to speak with our previous bands and now we just write and play for us. I know that sounds clichť, but itís true. We definitely know what's going on out there with music, but we donít want to sound like anybody nor do we try to."

"You can hear our influences just like any other band but we donít want to be anybody, but Black Water Rising and that is why we get the recognition we want and deserve b/c weíre real and we arenít faking who we are. I think that is what a lot of bands are lacking these days and that is just being real and playing what feels good. Not what you think is going to be cool that week."

Where exactly did the band name, Black Water Rising, originate from? Is there an interesting story behind it? "Nope, no story or anything mind blowing. Itís a lyric from a Clutch song, 'Black Water Rising and itís never gonna stop' ... thereís the story HAHAHAHA!!! Oh yeah, throw Clutch in there as one of our favorites as well!!!!"

Your Myspace Music page has almost 380,000 page views and over 50,000 fans. How do you think the internet has helped to boost your popularity with fans? "Well, Myspace is an awesome tool to promote and itís free and in a day and age when not a lot of people like to leave the house to go to the record store they turn to the computer. Do record stores even exist anymore??? I know I miss them!!!"

"Anyway, itís almost like a new age of tape trading, but itís faster and itís global. We have people write to us from all corners of the world asking us to play in there country and I think that is amazing. Myspace, Facebook etc. are all great ways to reach everyone."

If asked to record one for charity, what '80s (and possibly cheesy!) pop/rock song would you love to cover today and why? "Well, I would want 'Jailbreak' from Thin Lizzy, but itís the wrong decade. So I will have to go with Teslaís 'Coming at you Live' ... great Fín song!!!!!"

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine loves Penguins, do you? "Love those f**kiní things!!!!!"

Join the Black Water Rising revolution now on Facebook!

Interview: Erin M. Stranyak

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