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Ghost Canyon

Addictive Addictive

'Addicted To The Music'

Britain’s most current and credible underground scene, Bassline & Funky House, has birthed the red hot female duo, ADDICTIVE. Aisha Stuart and Louise Bagan, young ladies from East London, write and perform some of the hottest Bassline tracks in the UK, scoring #1s on the MTV Base and Dance charts as well as the National Club Chart in the UK with their last single.

Their newest (as yet untitled) album which will release 2NV Records was recorded with Grammy Winner Gordan Chambers (Beyonce, Usher), 88 Keys (Alecia Keys), Jesse “Corparal” Williams (Nelly) and Right Trax ( Kanye West Production outfit) to name a few and in the UK with Andy Chatterley (Pussycat Dolls, Kanye West) and Tom Kent (Stonebridge).

Their new single is called 'Domino Effect' (recorded and mixed by Grammy Award Winner Simon Gogerly - Gwen Stefani, U2) and its video was directed by Andy Hylton (Corinne Baily Rae). Ducati motorcycles and Alfaromeo lent out their support via their newest models for the production.

Chatting one-on-one with both girls from Addictive, I first wondered what had been their musical influences growing up, and how many still factored into their music today? [Aisha Stuart] "Growing up I really loved Rare Groove ... u know tracks like “Pull Up To The Bumper,” by Grace Jones. I loved Diana Ross. I memorized the whole of the Supremes album when I used to visit my grans on the weekend. I use to raid her vinyl collection! Oh yeah and I love Salt n Pepper and Janet Jackson. I used to love watching their videos and u know I tried to copy them moves! Lol Growing up with Caribbean routes at home most days I'd hear Bashment, Soca and RN classics, it definitely influences our music today."

[Louise Bagan] "Growing up in my home, my parents listened to a lot of country music and rock and roll so naturally I have influences from this. one example would be patsy cline (my mums favorite artist) I also listened to soul and Aretha Franklin was my favorite. Wen I discovered my love for music I was then listening to the likes of Mariah Carey and Donna Summer. I think listening to soul music has definitely influenced my music today!"

Most of the press on you has labeled you as being "birthed" by Bassline & Funky House ... is this a fair assumption on how you came to be today though?! [Aisha] "Over the last year or so we have been working hard and released Bassline and Funky House white labels and a lot of DJ's have been showin us love, n we are known in both scenes so I can understand why people would say we're birthed by those scenes, it has been great because we have had control and have been able to express ourselves and have evolved as artists creatively and were given the opportunity to experiment over different genres of music and we appreciate all forms of good music but as vocalist we obviously love RNB."

Tell us more about your new single, 'Domino Effect' ... and the use of Ducati motorcycles and Alfaromeo's that can be seen in the video! [Louise] "Our new single, 'Domino Effect' is a very energetic, sexy song (well I think so neway) its a brush between rnb/pop but also has electro influences. we wanted to go for a kinda dark, sin city type feel for the video so the Ducati’s seemed fitting we liked the storyboard and the bikes gave it that feel we were aiming for."

As you are two young ladies from East London, please tell us how you came to meet in the first place? [Aisha] "We 1st met when we were about 7-8, Louise’s cousin was my neighbor n r gardens we attached so we use to play out together! We have always had the same friends n I went to school with a lot of Louise’s family, plus we only live 5 minutes away from each other and both live in a place called Plaistow which ain’t huge so being 2 singers in a small area we were bound to bump heads! We use to go to a lot of open mic spots and of course tear da house down :-) in fact that's where we decided to start singing together!"

[Louise] "I’ve told this story a million times!! lol, we both live a stone throw from one another in Plaistow East London and as singers we were always crossing paths. Not to mention Aisha living ryt next to my aunt! We started singing together about 4 yrs ago and it started in an open my spot!!!"

For the Average Joe who may not have heard of you over here in the States, and was thinking of buying your upcoming new CD, how would you yourself describe your sound? [Louise] "There isn’t going to be just one sound on our album, we have a lot of strong songs that we’ve written addressing personal subjects. One example would be a track called “Imagine,”which tells the story of peer pressures, size 0 etc... we are realists!!!! We were fortunate enough to work with some great producers for this album."

"We worked with a great songwriter called Gordon Chambers, who worked with Destiny’s Child, Anita Baker and Brownstone. We also worked with 88keys who worked on Alicia Keys first album. Jesse Corpral was another one, who did a lot of tracks with Nelly. Here in the UK, we worked with a great producer called Andy Chatterley, who has credits on Kanye West and Pussycat Dolls album. We have a real energetic feel for the album. Strong vocals....flavor....great songwriting and lots of love!!"

[Aisha] "I think our sound is very ADDICTIVE ;-) lol na seriously I think deres a tune 4 everyone on our album! We were really blessed to have worked with some great producers n songwriters both in da UK and da States on it! We recorded a lot of tracks in ATL n NYC n worked with Grammy Award Winner, Gordon Chambers, who's penned songs 4 Destiny’s Child, Brownstone and da great Anita Baker, that was quite a privilege still!"

"We also worked with “Coparal” who did a number of tracks with Nelly and 88 keys who has credits on Alicia Keys album n right trax who r a new production outfit signed to Kanye West, so really da states trip was great all round! Back home we worked with Andy Chatterley, whose got credits on Kanye West and Pussycat Dolls albums n Tom Kent who is big in da dance scene! I think our album is very universal and diverse!"

Indeed, how easy (or hard) is it to create a new, vibrant, wanted-by-the-public sound that both builds on and surpasses the musical wonderment's/accomplishments that preceded it within the industry? [Louise] "I don’t think it’s ever easy to create a sound that’s wanted right now because music is always changing. I think u just have to be real with yourself and the creative side will lead it has us!! It is important to stand out and have that edge and not be afraid to try something different!"

[Aisha] "I think being an artist you have to look at that, but you have to stay true u and really try to make ur own creativity come thru hopefully that's what people will wanna hear and see. I think da trouble is when start concentrate to much on tryna please everyone and da industry all da time, that can really put pressure on n stop creativity n potential."

Do you believe this single and the upcoming album are just what you need to break into the US market? [Aisha] "Like I said, we feel our album is universal and diverse! Our single “Domino Effect” is pretty catchy and kinda stays in ur mind hours later! N we think our next single n album is pretty strong, I believe good music is good music! So hopefully people will feel that way about ours."

[Louise] "I think 'Domino Effect' is a very universal song and hopefully it will capture a lot of people. It’s a great opportunity to break into the U.S. with a track like this and of course a good album to follow up!"

If asked to record one for charity, what '80s (and possibly cheesy!) pop/rock song would you love to cover today ... and why?! [Louise] "Probably have to be “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. It’s a proper disco song and I just love to vibrancy in the song!! I did a show once were I performed it and I had to try and look like her... I tried my best!! Lol...."

[Aisha] "It’s got to be Grace Jones, “Pull Up To The Bummer.” Da tune is classic it makes me wanna dance!"

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine love Penguins ... do you?! [Aisha] "Do u mean Penguins da chocolate bar? Do u have dem in da states too? Lol love Penguins da r cute :-)"

[Louise] "What the creatures or the chocolate penguins???? I love both!! Especially the mint ones (chocolates)!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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