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Bruce Campbell   ('Burn Notice') Bruce Campbell ('Burn Notice')

'Burning Up!'

Watch the 'Burn Notice - Season 2' Finale on Thursday, March 5th at 10pm/9c on USA NETWORK!

In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown!

Season 3 will premiere in July, so stay tuned!

This summer, USA Network presented the second season of 'Burn Notice,' a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy. Dumped in his hometown of Miami without money or resources, Michael struggles to put his life back together and find out why he's been burned. In the meantime, he uses his unique skills and training to help people in need ... mostly people who can't get help from the police.

'Burn Notice' also stars Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative who happens to be Westenís ex-girlfriend. Bruce Campbell stars as Sam, Michaelís closest buddy in town, a washed up military intelligence contact who is keeping an eye on Michael for the Feds. Also starring is Emmyģ Award-winner Sharon Gless as Madeline, Michaelís hypochondriac mother, who couldnít be happier to have her boy back in town.

Joining the cast this season in a recurring role is Tricia Helfer (ďBattlestar GallacticaĒ) as Carla, the woman who may be behind Michaelís burn notice.

Chatting recently with Bruce Campbell, we first wondered just how much creative input did he actually have for his character on the show? "Well, every situation is different and Burn Notice is very structured. Matt Nix, itís his show, itís his concept, itís his idea. So when I came on board, Iím going to give smaller stuff. You know, I might ad lib some stupid joke at the end of a scene or whatever. Or I might suggest a tone of maybe treat Michaelís mother more gently at some point."

"So itís really for me mostly smaller stuff; the captain of the ship is Matt Nix and heís also allowing us to think through scenes and if we want to throw in a line or so, he doesnít have a problem with that. But I never show up on a set going, ďMan, I got to ad lib today".Ē

Did you see the success of the show coming and did it surprise you? "Iím surprised by everything these days because you never know. My basis for accepting this script when it came across my desk was I loved the fact of what it wasnít. It wasnít a cop show, it wasnít a doctorís show, it wasnít a lawyer show. Thereís plenty of stuff that goes on, but this is basically the human side of spies and I went, right, I can get into that."

"And I really enjoyed the fact that itís a good blend of a show that does have strong main characters, and not a lot of them. Itís got four main characters. And thatís what the emphasis is. And oh yes, stuff blows up and every week there is a caper where you defeat the jerk of the week. But I think itís mostly you watch these characters from week to week, and thatís what I enjoy. And thatís what appealed to me and thatís what keeps me interested in the show is itís not really about the explosions, itís about the people who are doing the explosions."

What about your role continues to challenge you? "To try and figure out how to sweat less. No, I would say just to keep Sam interested in the stories and participating on stories. If the writers do most of the work, which they will then do that, that theyíll keep the character engaged. And if the characterís engaged, then itís easy for me to be engaged in the character. So hopefully whenever Sam was around in his portion that heís involved in something or has an opinion about something or whatever. No actor likes to just sit around. So as long as itís the same as the first two seasons, Iím good to go."

Do you have a most memorable moment youíve had from filming the seasons? "For me, Iím just convinced one day that some bystanderís going to shoot me with a gun. And the reason why I say that is because my character Sam has a rifle with a scope and often heís up on high rises and overpasses taking potshots at people. And sometimes you canít see the crew connected to me, because they put me sometimes far away. And Miami has a lot of guns, and so Iím just afraid some do-gooderís going to see me up there firing away and theyíre going to save Miami from that criminal. And then Burn Notice will have three main characters."

We were introduced to a little bit of Samís backstory this past summer of season two where it was revealed the character was married in the Ď70s and that actually ended your relationship at the time. Are we going to get any more information about this woman that Sam was married to or any more backstory into Samís life? "Iím sure some back storyís going to come squeaking out in some way. I kind of was amused myself finding out that Sam had a wife in the past. I think itís fun. Thatís the beauty of these characters who have a history that things are going to come up that are complicated in their life. The first season Sam had some kind of questionable relationships from the past that have come back to haunt him, so I think thatís always going to happen. When you have three spies, former spies that are kind of damaged goods, thereís going to be enemies that come back, old friends and people that you may or may not want to see again."

As thereís been a lot of cool spy tricks and set ups theyíve done on 'Burn Notice,' whatís been your favorite thus far? "Oh man, mostly itís just the bravado. I love the fact that in Burn Notice we not only, see, like hereís the difference in Burn Notice and itís just more of a thematic thing is that if the police catch someone whoís done identity theft, they might catch the guy. They might, not necessarily, but theyíre not going to get your money back."

"In 'Burn Notice' weíre not only going to catch the guy, weíre going to get every penny of your money back, and maybe a little more. And if the guyís careful, he might die. So our characters donít crap around. Fiona is basically crazy. Sheíll blow up anything for any reason. So these are not three characters that you need to mess with. So what I like is whenever theyíre confronted with something, theyíll come back at it in such a way that is very bold, usually, and thatís what I like."

Finally, between this role and a lot of the other roles youíve done in the past, you constantly toy with the image of a hero. And yet you enjoy playing characters that are flawed and self-obsessed. Yet they end up saving the day. So, why do you find that kind of an interesting character to play? "Because me personally as an actor can relate to that more so that I can, itís just easier for me to do. Iím not good at playing someone who doesnít have weird quirks, because Iíve never met someone who didnít. So thatís why I tend to avoid a little bit of the traditional hero thing, and thatís what appealed to me about this show."

"This show is very untraditional, yet, having said that, there are traditional story elements that things are going to be made right by these people. So I donít know, those types of characters have always appealed to me, hoping that they will appeal to the average garage mechanic whoís watching the show. As an actor, I want my work to be as appealing to as many people as possible."

Watch the 'Burn Notice - Season 2' Finale on Thursday, March 5th at 10pm/9c on USA NETWORK!

In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown!

Season 3 will premiere in July, so stay tuned!

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