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Ghost Canyon

Renee Mazer   ('Wordgasm') Renee Mazer ('Wordgasm')

'Word Up!'

Having already turned on a culture to “Success Through Language Smartening” with her awardwinning, best-selling audio CD set, Not Too Scary Vocabulary, Renee Mazer is back to heighten the aural experience with its new naughty sister.

Five years in the making, 'WORDGASM' is a sexier romp through the savvy suburban Soccer Mom’s wacky songs and playful poetry to again make it fun learning big words you thought you’d never remember.

Thanks to her cunning linguistics, Mazer has risen to explode back on the self-study scene as the Lascivious Language Lady, a vivacious vocabulary vixen who teaches through titillation on her new five-volume CD set, which delivers multiple WORDGASMs in each 2-disc installment.

Volume One, Jumpin’ the Jock, helps you commit 120 words to memory through 74 minutes of scientifically-based scintillation, sung or recited by Renee, with a bonus 34-page cartoon-filled booklet. The title of Volume One is autobiographical, inspired by a dalliance at a high school party in which Renee wound up in a closet with the star of the football team, hoping to – ahem – jump the jock. Well, she can dream, can’t she?

Taking it from the top and at what point did the idea to couple vocabulary and sex first come to mind ... and where were you at the time?! "I was in a recording studio working on my first product, an SAT word builder called Not Too Scary Vocabulary. My goal was to make it less boring than all the other SAT vocab builders, but I was struggling with how to do that. I decided that if I coupled vocab words with comedy that teens could relate to, I'd have a product teens would like. I then looked at shows that were popular with teens like Friends and That 70s Show. I emulated that type of humor and put the vocab words into the comedy."

"As a consequence, that program is edgy, but no more racy than sitcoms on TV. Not Too Scary Vocabulary was a big success and from the fan mail, I knew people were relating to my sense of humor and that they loved the wild stuff. I was also noticing that lots of adults were listening because they wanted to get smarter."

"Because I knew people enjoyed me most when I was being wild, there were plenty of adults who wanted better vocabularies and I thought it would be fun to get really shocking with the comedy, I made Wordgasm."

Teaching standardized test prep to make extra money back in the day would probably have been very helpful to you re: the tutoring aspects and the premise of having to make people sit up and pay attention. But you didn't add any sexual undertones (or overtones, perhaps) to any tutoring you did back then to test drive your upcoming theories, did you?! "I'll take the 5th amendment on this question!"

With 'Wordgasm' it seems that you are on a one-woman mission to smarten society - men in particular - by harnessing mankind's most basic drive. Hmmm, I'm a man so say I was rebuked slightly by this standpoint of yours, how would you handle me?!?!?!? "I'd tie you up. Then, while wearing a dominatrix outfit, I'd sing you some of my shockingly risque, vocabulary filled songs. Afterwards, I'd quiz you on the words. If you missed any, I'd take out my whip!"

Fair enough ... well, you have chosen a great/catchy name for the item, but was it always your go-to choice or were there other choices floating around at the time? "I really wanted the name Words Gone Wild! but I wasn't sure I'd be able to get the trademark and I didn't want any legal problems with the Girls Gone Wild people. After that was dropped, a whole bunch of completely “out there” names were batted around. They included Oral Sex (I loved that one, but my my distributor said he'd never be able to get it into stores), Wordellatio, AphroWordiac and Wordilingus."

As it's obvious that you're not beyond even posing nude to promote 'Wordgasm,' I'm wondering if there is actually a barrier that you could reach that would make you stop and think re: over-the-top promotion?! "I just spent a lot of time thinking about this question and with the exception of porn, I honestly can't think of anything I wouldn't do to promote Wordgasm. By the way, the nude photo shoot was the most fun I've had in years."

If 'Wordgasm' ends up in the wrong hands ie: curious kids, what's the worst that can happen to their not-fully-developed brains?! Will it be like the movie 'Scanners', perhaps?!?! "They won't be able to get the songs out of their heads because the songs are quite catchy and they will start singing them in school and freak out their teachers!"

With 'Wordgasm: Vol. 1 - Jumping The Jock' already selling steadily in the stores for those interested in buying it, what exactly does 'Jumping The Jock' mean - in this context?! "Wordgasm is a series of products. Each one starts with a long poem that includes all of the words that will be taught in that program. The starter poem in Volume One tells the story of my crush on the heart throb football player from my high school and the time I hooked up with him. It includes this wild fantasy fulfillment, and I got the actual guy I had a crush on in high school to come to the studio and record it with me. So as the title indicates, the poem (which is more akin to a comedic story than a typical poem) is about Jumpin' the Jock."

And with 'Vol. 2 - How Far Should You Go?' due out in January 2009, what are we to expect from this new volume? "Volume 2 - How Far Should You Go? totally rocks! It is chock full of songs and I had great musicians backing me up. The lyrics are racy and hysterical and the music is awesome. I like them so much I listen to them all the time in the car."

"The starter poem in this volume asks how far is too far to go sexually on a first date. It lends itself to interesting discussions. I'd love to know how my listeners would answer that question so along with this program you will be able to join in on forums on that topic on my web site. Also, this program provides lots of ideas for things you could do on a date."

And knowing that this is to be an amazing 5-part CD series, did you ever consider just putting all the discs out together in one large gift-pack set - once they were all completed, of course?! "Most of the recording is done on all of the CDs. Aside from minor cover design and booklet edits, the only thing left for me to do is add songs to the rest of the programs."

Once they are completed, I probably will put all the discs in one large gift pack set. People will then have the option to buy the entire series or individual volumes."

OK, for the Average Joe who was thinking about buying 'Wordgasm' and after reading all this was still unsure how would you sum up what their very first experience will be after playing it in just three (3) words? "Lusting, Laughing, Learning!"

Lastly, and throwing you a comedic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine love Penguins ... but do you?! "Of course I love penguins. They are super cute."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

'WORDGASM Volume One: Jumpin’ the Jock', is available now at and at iTunes and most major digital download destinations.

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