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Aaron Carter Aaron Carter
‘Still Shakin‘ It’

Born December 7th 1987 in Tampa Bay Florida USA. Aaron Carter is the youngest member of the Carter family and, in fact, followed his fraternal twin sister Angel into the world by just one minute. Aaron's music career began at an early age where right from word go he's been a performing star, looking to his brother Nick of the Backstreet Boys for guidance and inspiration and to his mom Jane Carter as his manager to help him achieve the goals he desires.

At the age of 7 Aaron started attending rock school in Tampa Florida USA where he would have vocal lessons. As part of his lessons at the rock school Aaron was teamed up with other members and performed with them as part of a group which they decided to call "Dead End".

In March of 1997, he performed during a Backstreet Boys concert in Berlin, Germany where he stole the show ! After the concert, he was offered a record contract on the spot by an Edel Record Company executive who saw him perform and in the fall of 1997, he released his first single, ’Crush On You’ which reached number 9 in the UK charts. Aaron then went on to release ’Crazy Little Party Girl’ in February 1998 which reached number 7 in the UK charts. Further releases have included ’I'm Gonna Miss You Forever,’ ‘Shake It’ and ’Surfin USA.’

Aaron then signed with a new record company - Jive Records - and has since released Aaron's Party (Come Get It), Oh Aaron and the brand new album, Another Earthquake !.

Chatting with the young man himself I quickly brought it to his attention that back on September 25th 2000 that he had mentioned in a TV Hits interview that he wanted to be “the first pop star in space” !! Well, for a while there it seemed like Lance Bass was gonna beat him, but does he still harbor that particular dream ? ”No, now I wanna be the first pop star to be a Marine Biologist,” he says matter-of-factly. ”I’ve always wanted to do that and it’s just another thing that I would love to do. Anyway, I guess Lance kinda stole my original idea anyway though,” he laughs.

You attended Rock School at age seven ! Tell me your memories of those days ”My memories are being very nervous wondering if it was all gonna work out which, I guess you could say, it did. I was just very nervous, but eventually I got through it and now I love doing it and I kinda broke off from there to be this really good singer,” he laughs.

On the new album you have a song that thanks all the girls for being “good to you,” as you put it ! In what ways have they been “good to you” in the past ?!? ”Meaning that all the fans that have dedicated themselves to my music. Meaning all the fans that have been there to my shows and everybody, you know. All the girls; all my sisters, you know. Girlfriends back in the past, things like that.”

Has one of those girls been someone special to you ? ”Not really, but there was this girl that I really like, but she was just one of those crazy fans that hang around a lot, you know ?!”

What’s one of the craziest gifts that’s ever been given to you ? ”Probably a dog ! A real live dog. It was a mix.”

Have you still got it ? ”No, we obviously couldn’t take it back from the country we were in (Argentina) so we just gave it to a fan.”

Describe your feelings behind these four album tracks:
‘My First Ride’ - ’My First Ride’ is how I’m gonna feel after I get my very first car,” he again says matter-of-factly. ”I don’t have one yet but I’m gonna be getting me a Hummer on my 15th Birthday.”
‘America A O’ - ”Just basically a dedication to the USA.”
‘2 Good 2 B True’ - ”Basicaly, it’s about this girl that I’ve liked for a long time and I finally got the chance to be with her.”
‘Another Earthquake !’ - ”Bascially, it’s about me coming through people’s houses and shakin’ them up with my music.”

You’re growing very fast these days, both musically and as young boy into a young man, but what are the major changes in your life that YOU see and feel ? ”Becoming a better singer, but not only that I can now realize there are problems with certain things musically and I can now go and fix them and shape them to the best of the abilities that I can reach.”

What was all this fuss recently about this now seemingly fake aaroncarter@hotmail e:mail address fiasco ? ”There’s a person out there pretending to be me and it’s really pathetic because this kid is started telling people that he’s Aaron Carter. I mean, he’s still out there somewhere, but we just can’t find him.”

OK, now for the quick-fire round:
Most famous female that you’ve locked lips with so far ? ”Jennifer Love-Hewitt.”
Most memorable TV appearance ? ”Lizzie McGuire.”
What’s the most prized possession that you own ? ”My dog, Sparky.”
Do you currently have a girlfriend ? ”No, I don’t,” he laughs.
Last time you had an argument with Nick ? ”Last time he punched me,” he laughs as hard as ever.
Has big brother Nick ever given you any words of advice ? ”Not really, I guess you could say I’ve given more to him as we’ve both got older !”
Sum yourself up in three words ”Fun, energetic and lots of stamina.”

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

For all his latest tour news check out Aaron's web site at:

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