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Ghost Canyon

Daniel Radcliffe ('Harry Potter/Goblet Of Fire') Daniel Radcliffe ('Harry Potter/Goblet Of Fire')

'Still Pottering Along!'

Fresh-faced prepubescent youngsters when they signed on for Potter duty in 2001, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have grown up. Now sporting lots of teenage hair and the attitude to go with it, the trio reprise their roles in the fourth instalment, 'The Goblet Of Fire' which has been slapped with a PG-13 certificate for its darker content.

Catching up with lead man Daniel Radcliffe, he chats about how the PG-13 rating may affect their younger fans, hormones and why glasses are cool!

How do you feel about growing up with your character? "In a way growing up with Harry makes it easier to act in each of the films because I've been through all the stuff that he's going through, like the hormones relatively recently. It's quite fresh in my mind and it doesn't stop after you've turned 14. Then I suppose it's been made easier by the fact I've been doing it since I was 11. You get to know the character so well that it makes it easier to act in the long run."

How much do you think you have matured along with your character and did you make many suggestions to Mike Newell [the director] in terms of your own acting? "I think we've grown up in the normal way. I think there's nothing peculiar in the way we've matured."

What was your most embarrassing moment while filming Harry Potter? "My most embarrassing moment would have to have been the dancing. I mean, I really enjoyed it, I had a really good time, because the girl was just incredibly cool. But I'd like to point out that most other people had a lot more rehearsal at the dancing than me, and you'll notice Mike very kindly didn't show anything below my waist. It's dancing from the waist up, so you never see my feet move, which is quite a good thing."

Are you reconciled to the fact that the books are coming to an end? What will you do post Potter? "Well, "reconciled" makes it sound like we're not looking forward to it. I think we're all really excited about it. We've got a while before the films end and we're not all absolutely confirmed as doing them all. We're all definitely doing the fifth but after that who knows?"

"I'm also doing a new film that's set in Australia. It's centred around four young Australian boys who have grown up in a Catholic orphanage in the Outback. The orphanage comes into some money via a donor and they send the boys for their birthdays to the sea for a couple of weeks, and it's just about the time they spend there. It's five and a half weeks and no blue screen, and so it's wonderful! And so I think we're all looking forward to going on to other things."

After wearing the same glasses for four years, will Harry discover contacts? "I tried contacts in the first film because in the book Harry's eyes are supposed to be a brilliant green and mine are much bluer than they should be. So we put green contact lenses in but they were excruciatingly painful. So I don't think we'll be going back down the contact road if I can avoid it. But one thing that I think Harry Potter has actually done - because I used to wear glasses a lot - is to make them kind of cool. JK Rowling has stuck up for any person who has ever been called four eyes or ever been teased about it."

In an ideal world - and let your fantasies run riot - who would you take to your own Yule Ball? "I watched 'Garden State' quite recently and fell in love with Natalie Portman so it would maybe be her or Scarlett Johansson or someone like that. You said let your fantasies run wild, so that's what I've done!"

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