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Cherry Pop

Ingram Hill Ingram Hill

'The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Rock 'n' Roll!'

The heat is on for Ingram Hill as 'Almost Perfect,' the second single from June's Picture Show hits Pop radio formats after a Top 40 run at Hot AC this spring. Praised by Billboard for its "jangly guitars, lush harmonies and a clever, itchy hook that makes its mark after a couple of spins", the single was recently featured in an episode of WB's 'Summerland.'

Also this summer, Ingram Hill adds a Southern twang to Boston's classic 'More Than A Feeling' for the soundtrack to the Lindsay Lohan flick 'Herbie: Fully Loaded,' and pays homage to the audacious rock band Queen on an upcoming tribute album to be released by Hollywood Records.

Ingram Hill's introductory single from June's Picture Show, 'Will I Ever Make it Home' graced the Billboard Adult Top 40 Singles chart and the Radio & Records Hot AC Chart while enjoying a successful ride on the soundtrack for '13 Going On 30,' which hit #2 on the Billboard Soundtracks chart.

Chatting recently with the lead singer and band co-founder himself, Justin Moore, I first wondered if it was true that their band name originated from a mistakenly-read road sign?! "That's actually true. Chalk it up to a short bout of dyslexia on my part!"

Explain what Ingram Hill brings to the table, perhaps more so than many of the other bands of the same musical ilk "Well I think you get good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll that has a bit of variety to it. We're lucky enough that everyone in the band writes, which helps to make every song not sound alike."

How long did it take to come up with the album title June's Picture Show ... why was it chosen ... and who's June?! "It took several weeks. Naming the album is almost as important as naming the band, so we wanted to get it right. We thought it was good because we hope our album creates sort of a "picture show" in your mind while listening to it. And June is our collective woman. We couldn't put all the girls' names that we wrote about in the title!"

The songs on the album all sound personal, real, with lyrics that the public could perhaps relate to in their own lives ... so how much of these lyrics are indeed from personal band members trials and tribulations? "I would say just about all of them, except maybe for the song 'To Your Grave'."

If I had a signed copy of your first EP 'Until Now' how much would I get for it at the mighty Sotheby's Auction House in England?! "Maybe about a nickel, if you're lucky. But I've seen it going on Ebay for about $85!"

Is there to be a new album out soon ... and if so, is there a name set aside for its title? "We probably won't have another record out until next spring, at the earliest. And there's not even a chance we'll come up with a title until we're forced to at the last minute! It's just our style."

Has anyone ever come up to you claiming to be named Ingram Hill?! "Actually several people have! I just got an e-mail today from a woman whose surname is Ingram-Hill!"

What's the cheesiest '80s song that you would LOVE to cover as a band, if you were given the chance?! "It would be 'Hello,' by Lionel Richie! I'm a huge fan of his."

Finally, describe the bands musical attitude in three words! "Fun, rockin', thebestmusicyoueverheard ... is that one word?!

Yes, that'll do very nicely, thanx!

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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