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6 Degrees Entertainment

Daniel Lerner   ('Director - 'Raging Sharks') Daniel Lerner ('Director - 'Raging Sharks')

'Prepare For The Rage!'

MTI Home Video hits the watery depths this Summer with Daniel Lerners’ deep sea drama 'RAGING SHARKS'!

MTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio, along with their Studio Partner, Artist View Entertainment, will release the underwater frenzy 'RAGING SHARKS' July 26th, 2005.

'Raging Sharks' centers on an out-of-this-world phenomenon that occurs when an object crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, triggering a pulsing magnetic field that drive sharks in the area into a frenzy. The film stars Corin Nemec ('Stargate SG-1'), Jonas Talkington ('Submerged'), Vanessa Angel ('Kingpin'), and Corbin Bernsen ('L.A. Law,' 'Major League').

Chatting recently with the Director himself, Daniel Lerner, I first wondered at what point during filming did the merging of sharks and aliens become something that made cinematic sense?! "I tried to make the concept as original as possible and had never seen a shark-meets-alien story! It was a challenge, but in the end I think it works well."

With one alien resembling the infamous 'Predator' and the other clearly the infamous 'Alien,' were you never afraid that 20th Century Fox would be giving you a call?! "I have never seen the movie 'Alien.' I did see 'Predator,' though I do not clearly remember what the alien looks like. However, I am sure our aliens are more handsome and more intelligent!"

There was obviously a 'Jaws: The Motion Picture' homage in action here also, but was that intentional and unavoidable given the subject matter? "No, I never intended an homage to 'Jaws.' The story is about people trapped in an underwater lab because of alien influences."

Where did you get all the shark footage from (that didn't include actors being chomped!) such as in the deep and on the shoreline? "Some came from well-known underwater cinematographers, some was created using CGI, and the rest was done in swimming pools with puppets. The stock footage came mainly from locations in South Africa and Australia."

With all that gushing water on the 'submarine,' did anyone get injured slipping back and forth? " No one was injured by the water, but one of our special effects guys did get burned during one of the explosions. Fortunately, he is okay!"

Please tell me at least one behind-the-scenes story based around the filming of 'Raging Sharks' "One of the artists, after encountering the "puppet" shark in the pool, became very agitated about how real it looked and jumped out of the water. I could not blame him as our shark is a 1-ton hydraulic puppet that looks like it could indeed eat you!"

What were those darn red crystals really made of?! "We actually found them in Area 51!"

Tell me more about your current film project in Bulgaria ... and how both Freeman and Cussack are holding up! "It is going very well. So far we have only worked with Mr. Freeman as Mr. Cusack has not yet arrived. However, I can say the Mr. Freeman is an absolute professional and a joy to work with - not to mention that he is probably the best actor on the planet!"

Also, please tell us more about the proposed 'Rambo IV' that you are slated to be the Executive Producer on ... is it really gonna take off this time? "I hear the project is going ahead with Millenium Films, however, I am actually not yet on board!"

Lastly, you've been the Producer of many, many films in your career, but what's the most embarrassing film that you've been associated with ... the one that you would surely wish to erase from your resume?! "I don't look at it in that way. For me, if the company and the company's clients are happy with a film, I have done my job. So often, some of the films you least expect to be successful become hits, and those that you believe will be sure hits are not. I refuse to be embarrassed of any film that is commecially successful for us."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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