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Ghost Canyon

Anna Nalick Anna Nalick
'Tripping The Light Fantastic!'

Anna Nalick is beginning to live her dreams. As one of the new breed of singer-songwriters for the new century, the California native has put the finishing touches on Wreck of the Day, her debut album, and the result is a refreshing blend of sophisticated wordplay, haunting melodies, sublime textures and atmosphere, and the arrival of an unmistakable new voice in pop music, full of youthful exuberance and provocative reflection.

Citing a wide range of influences running from Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, with whom she shares a complex feminine poignancy, to Blind Melon and John Mayer, whose adroit poetic paradoxes reverberate in her songs, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom she calls, simply, "The guy that I'm going to marry when I get to heaven," Nalick generates a sound and sensibility distinctly her own.

Chatting recently to the young lady herself, I first wondered how she thouht she would be able to compete with all the young female artists that are trying to invade the charts like yourself?! "I don't think of any of my fellow artists as competition. Luckily, none of us are exactly alike, so we will all find our nitch. I'm going to just continue to work to my full potential ... writing my songs and sharing them as often as I can."

Your grandmother dancing with Fred Astaire back when she was your age is unbelievable ... so, is there anything that you've accomplished at your age thus far along those lines?! "The biggest accomplishment I've made professionally so far is the fact that I have a produced record of my songs. And at a fairly young age, I am watching my dreams unfold. As a child, I wanted to live a life like that of my Grandmother and here the arts have taken me down the same road she traveled so many years ago."

So where does the new album title, Wreck of the Day originate? "The title track, 'Wreck of the Day' itself sums up much of what I write about on the record. Throughout any heartache, disappointment, or failure I may encounter on a daily basis, whether big or small, I know that I will live to see the mishaps of tomorrow, taking yesterday's lessons with me. It was just the obviously title for me and everyone on my team loved it too."

How quickly did this album come together and what elements slowed you down more than you would have ever thought? "We began work on the recording of the album in November of 2003 and finish in July. The full CD package was completed September 2004. There were little unexpected "adventures" all along, but for the most part, anything that ran over our deadlines was just a result of all of us, myself, management, producers, mixer, A&R, art directors, company president and promotion team trying to make it all perfect."

What was the name of the Rush cover band you sang in ... and what was your fav Rush song to sing?! "The name of the band was Estrogen Rush because, of course I, the lead singer, was female. For the record ... I didn't name the band! My favorite song was 'Xanadu'."

With your last name being Nalick, come one, what nicknames did you have at school?! "Oh no, no, no ... I won't be the one to start THAT!! :) But I will tell you that I've been Anna Banana my whole life up until today in the Sony building. Now it's Ms. Banana. I don't mind it. It's cute!"

Tell me more about how you met Brad Smith (Blind Melon) and what he has done for you to this point? "I met Brad Smith and Christopher Thorn in their studio (Studio Wishbone) in December of 2002. They, along with Eric Rosse, produced Wreck of the Day. About 4 months before I knew I'd be meeting Brad and Christopher, I wrote 'Paper Bag,' which makes a direct reference to 'No Rain.' Brad wrote 'No Rain' when he was around my age, so I was thrilled to share that song with him. I don't think I would have considered 'Paper Bag' for the album otherwise. Pretty ironic, eh?"

For sure, yes. Now, if we took you out for a night of fun, where would you want to go, what would you eat, and what time would you have to be home to bed? "My perfect evening would involve a pool hall, a cheeseburger and a walk around a city I've never been to before. Basically, a night out on tour."

What's the most embarrassing moment of your life ... thus far?! "Oh … I embarrass myself daily. My first professional photo shoot was for Teen People and featured myself and another young upcoming female artist. During a break in the shoot when the hair stylist jumped in to fix the other girl's hair, I thought it best to step out of the way. I moved out of the frame and leaned my weight against a wall. Only, the wall I leaned my full weight on was not a wall, but a portable room divider. I fell hard, bum first and I took the whole set down with me. To make matters worse, the lovely lace skirt I was wearing flew up and over my head. I unveiled my face to see the look of shock on the faces of the photographer, stylists, hair and make-up team, publicists, etc., who all stood watching. Not knowing what else to do, I jumped up and did the "superstar" pose and asked if that little trick didn't deserve a round of applause! The funniest part of the whole event was the fact that as I sat there with my skirt over my head, for a split second I thought to myself ... maybe nobody noticed!"

Excellent theory! So, finally, please describe yourself in just three words "Uninhibited, honest, contemplative … and pretty silly sometimes too!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

Please check out Anna’s single 'Breathe (2am)':
'Breathe (2am)' Video

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