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Doro Doro


'Rock Till Death - The Doro Pesch Story'

Doro Pesch always did it her own way: constantly rising from the '80s legendary heavy metal underground into the spheres of premiere division rock ladies of planet earth. In 1986 the then singer of Germany´s newcomers Warlock experienced an early breakthrough, impressing tens of thousands of people by playing a thunderous gig at the British mega-event Monsters of Rock.

An early success that opened wide the doors of the American market as well. Since then millions of copies of Doro's records found their way into collections of dedicated fans around the world. Her last Warlock-Album Triumph And Agony sold more than one million units over the years. In 1989 her first solo album Force Majeure went gold in Germany with more than 250,000 sold copies.

Doro received awards in various countries, topped by Germany´s "Echo"-Award in 1994 as Best Female Singer. In Spain she´s a reigning goddess: 13 times in a row the Spaniards voted her as Best International Female Singer of the Year.

To this date, Doro has released sixteen studio albums, the latest being Raise Your Fist in late 2012. Doro continues her recording career and is a much requested touring artist all over the world.

Chatting recently with Doro, I first wondered at what point in her youth had Dorothee Pesch simply become known as the woman with just one name, Doro? " Growing up you were first exposed to the glam rock of bands like T. Rex, Sweet and Slade. At what point did you discover that a heavier rock was where you true musical interests lay? " At sixteen you had a death-threatening form of tuberculosis, but having beaten it did you make yourself some promises about what you would then do with your life? And have you kept all those promises to yourself thus far - or are there a few more to work on from that original promise list? The first few bands you sang with were named Snakebite, Beast, Attack and famously Warlock. All angry, one-word titles! But it was the gothic fantasy metal with Warlock that got you off and running in the music business. Do you think it was always meant to happen for you? You've now released 16 albums to date, which is incredible - your latest one just late last year, Raise Your Fist. You co-write nearly all the songs, as usual, so where do the lyrically inspirations keep coming from after all these years? Indeed, is it harder to write these angry, loud songs now that you are closing in on the magical 50, as opposed to when you were in your early 20s? How much say do you have on the finished artwork of your albums, as they have been artistically drawn for many of the past releases? The song 'Hero' is dedicated to the late Ronnie James Dio - please tell me more about its creation You also released another album last year, the mammoth career-spanning retrospective collection Under My Skin - tell us more about the musical gems that can be found on this 2-CD set that, perhaps, cannot be found anywhere else? Unlike many of your past releases, this hits CD has an actual photo of you on the front! A beautifully taken, bright white lit profile shot of you smiling, no less! Was this a deliberate choice to veer away from the darkness for once?! What is your secret to still looking so incredible after all these years? You are about to embark on another North American tour in February - do you do anything different each tour to spice things up for yourself or the fans? As we come to the end here, if people were putting together a tribute event for you and they wanted to know what one song of yours that you yourself thought summed up your recording career perfectly; a song that is your proudest lyrical moment thus far, a song that you know still stands head and shoulders above the others of yours, which one would you wish them to play - and why? PERSONAL EMAIL?

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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