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Ghost Canyon

Lance Henriksen   ('Alien Vs. Predator') Lance Henriksen ('Alien Vs. Predator')
'Things That STILL Go Bump In The Night!'

Whilst attending the 2004 San Diego Comic Con recently, where fans were treated to never-before-seen footage of a scene from 'Alien Vs. Predator' in which an alien and a predator battle it out, shortly afterwards I had the chance to speak with stars Lance Henriksen about working on this movie ... and what fans can expect from the long-awaited film!

After all this time away from it, are you happy to return to this franchise?! "Of course. For me itís like a cycle and itís a closure for that character. Not that they couldnít bring me back down the road. I mean they did it, obviously. But this is a prequel so when Paul [W.S. Anderson] asked me about returning, we had a meeting together and he described the whole movie to me ... and then I said, 'Iím in, Paul.' It was great. It was a great idea and a great script."

So if this is a prequel that must mean that both the alien and the predator live. How does one win? "Well, you are really digging, arenít you?," he laughs. "There is a logic, but this is a different avenue, a different take on it, but I wonít tell you. Itís only a few days away. Itís brilliant, it really is."

Do you love to watch horror movies just on your own time? "Yeah, sure. Theyíre great morality plays, you know? In 'AVP', I play a multi-billionaire that hires Sanaa to lead an expedition to Antarctica. Sheís an expert on cold weather and a lot of other things. We get down there and walk into the mouth of an alligator without knowing it. Cool stuff!"

What was the worst part of making this movie? "To make a movie Ė and a movie on this scale Ė is very grueling at times. Long, long hours and, you know, itís cold weather conditions. It was fun though. It was great fun ... most of the time!"

Whatís it like for you to be revisiting a version of your character after all these years? "It's the atmosphere. When I walked on the set and saw the alien I was back immediately. I remembered being in London and shooting that thing. It was instant. It was instantaneous. Of course, I did 'Pumpkinhead' and a lot of other movies with the guys that did those monsters so they were there, too. So I was going like, 'Tom, Alec' you know, like a reunion!"

The Stan Winston people, Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis? "Yeah. That was Stanís first movie and these guys were on it. Now theyíve gone on their own."

Does 'Alien vs. Predator' leave it so your characters could possibly come back? "You can always come back," he laughs again.

Finally, do you already have a contract for sequels? "You know what? Wait until you see the movie. Wait until you see what happens. Youíll know. I donít want to tip anything!"

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