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6 Degrees Entertainment

Hybrid Hybrid
’The Dawning of a New Fusion'

Mike Truman and Chris Healings (aka Hybrid) have delivered a powerful, emotive opus with their new album Morning Sci-Fi - the follow-up to 2000's Wide Angle. Equal parts exquisite and menacing, the group's second proper full length combines its signature progressive house and breakbeat fusions with cinematic, orchestral flourishes and sturdy rock inferences. Morning Sci-Fi features new discovery singer, guitarist and album co-writerAdam Taylor, appearances by legendary bassist Peter Hook (New Order), producer John Creamer, the Hermitage Orchestra and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III, BT, Way Out West) joining band members Alex Madge, Tim Hutton (Groove Armada).

Mix Mag Quote: ”Perfectly pitched between mayhem and comfort" - But what's your own take on your sound? ”Really we feel it's the sound of a band growing up and finding it's feet playing together as a live act. All the tracks were written with live performance in mind as opposed to creating massive sounding records that wouldn't translate easily live. All the trademark Hybrid tricks are still there, but I think we're becoming a little more subtle as time goes by. We had a ball making this record and we're really proud of the results. I guess we still wanted to stay true to our dance floor roots but add a more acoustic feel to the album.”

What makes Morning Sci-Fi an album that will either turn people onto you or reaffirm you as the musical power you wish to be? ”The running musical themes from the last album link the two nicely together and hopefully people who were into Wide Angle won't be too bemused by the slight shift in musical direction. As far as 'reaffirming us as a ‘musical power' goes, we'll have to see when we come to the US on tour in November – which, by the way, we're extremely excited about!”

How was Adam Taylor 'discovered'? ”Dating agency!”

Where does the band's name originate? ”A very drunken night out in Swansea years ago and many lists all over the studio wall of various names. We really wanted a one-word name for the band and the obvious pun of a 'hybrid of musical styles' wasn't even on the agenda. We just liked the sound of Hybrid and later discovered how much trouble getting a web domain name would be as it's such a popular description of so many technological developments. I think Honda has probably copyrighted the word for it's dual fuel cell car judging by the amount of web pages dedicated to that name. Perhaps they could give us a discount?!”

Reveal a secret about the band that just doesn't come up in everyday interviews ... to the best of your knowledge! ”Our drummer, Alex was hit by lightning outside a club in Cardiff a few years ago and has since improved his rhythmical skills considerably. We tend to leave him on the roof of hotels these days in thunderstorms to see if he can improve any more!”

How does this album differ from Wide Angle? ”It's very slightly shorter. And has different vocalists. And guitars.”

Describe the band's sound in 3 words ”Dirty, funky, lovely.”

Which cheesy '80s song can you now admit to having bought the record of way back when?! ”David Sylvian's 'Ghosts' when he was in the group Japan. He's a bit of an idol really and consistently makes wonderfully obtuse albums that will never sell millions but are beautifully eclectic.”

From South Wales to America ... one easy step or seemingly a lifetime of effort?! ”We were very lucky going on tour with Moby in 2000 and that really opened up the possibility of playing regularly in the US and Canada. We made a point of coming back to DJ every month for about 2 years, partly because of the recognition we were getting in the States but mostly because we were having such a good time there! I think America has a wonderfully thriving club culture, despite the laws that most states seem to inflict on their organized parties and that's something that deserves recognition from the dance community globally. I don't think it's felt like a lifetime of effort but have obviously been a bit more than an easy step.”

Finally, if you were locked into a studio and told to make music with three artists (thinking of their instruments, etc.), which three would it be - and what would be the name of the song?! ”John Bonham (Drums), Perry Farrell (Vocals) and Richard James (Aphex Twin). The track would be called 'E Rockers' or 'Rock And Roll Killed Acid House'.....perhaps!”

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

Morning Sci-Fi also contains an exclusive bonus feature length DVD including live and backstage footage from Hybrid's 2000 U.S. tour with Moby. Interviews with the band, footage from the making of Morning Sci-Fi, some previously unreleased tracks and 2 live performances including the new single, "True To Form" round out this special bonus disc.

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