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Anna Faris  ('Scary Movie 3') Anna Faris ('Scary Movie 3')
”Still Scary, But Now Also A Little Lost!”

Difficult to recognize in her natural blonde state following her turn as a raven-haired Neve Campbell knockoff in ’Scary Movie’ (2000), Anna Faris (11/29/76) made her professional acting debut at the tender age of nine at Washington's Seattle Repertory Theater. Refining her skills in improvisational theater, Faris later found roles in commercials and small local productions, though her future as an actress came into question as she pursued further education and a move overseas.

Raised in Seattle, Faris studied English Literature at the University of Washington after high school, later moving to London to begin working and writing. Longing to return to her childhood love of acting, Faris took a role in the run-of-the-mill teen slasher pic ’Lover's Lane’ (1999). Making the move to Los Angeles in order to pursue an acting career full time, Faris' previous improvisational experiences would soon come in handy as she landed her breakthrough role in the popular ’Scream’-slanted spoof of teen slasher pics, ’Scary Movie.’

Already having the Rob Schneider/Adam Sandler comedic vehicle, ’The Hot Chick,’ under her belt from last year, Anna’s next projects are the third instalment of the 'Scary Movie" series and the Bill Murray dark comedy, ’Lost In Translation.’

Sitting down in front of me now, her hair dead straight, and blonder than it could have ever been before, Anna quickly tells me that she had a great time over where the movie was filmed – Japan! ”Yeah, I got back from a four week shoot out there about six months ago. It was wonderful being out there. The film is about Bill Murray who’s over in Tokyo as an aging TV star and he’s now doing a Whiskey ad campaign over there. He’s very cynical and unhappy. I play this movie star that’s doing press over there and I’m promoting my movie out there called, ‘Midnight Bluff.’

Did they do that usual thing where they created a set of ‘fake’ posters of you for the ‘fake’ movie’?! ”Oh yeah,” she proudly laughs. ”I’m up on this poster with a gun looking as bad ass as I can be! I keep running into them in hallways! I just loved the role.”

And, especially after coming to fame in both the ’Scary Movie’s with jet black hair, you actually managed to keep you hair blonde for the second movie in a row! “Yes, I did,” she smiles thankfully.

Because, the images of you with black hair and with blonde hair make you look like two completely different people ! ”I know, I know. I don’t get recognized a lot with this blond hair,” she smiles.

After the success of both ‘Scary Movie’ films, I would assume that you were getting a lot of movie offers ?! ”Well, yes and no. I think even though ‘Scary Movie’ was so successful it’s certainly taken me to places I would never have imagined, but it wasn’t revered in Hollywood because comedies like that; well, they just kinda do well typically. So, because it was off the Wayan’s buzz and was so low brow that a lot of people that I run into haven’t seen it ! I also think that other people, like my ‘competition’ should take me a little more seriously than just what they saw on the screen though. It was just for fun and it was a great movie to do. Both of them.”

At least both ’The Hot Chick’ or ’Lost In Translation’ aren’t as OTT as your other movies though ! ”Oh yeah, they’re definitely not as raunchy as ‘Scary Movie’ or ‘Scary Movie 2,’” she laughs. ”I play a more normal girl in both and I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I love doing comedies, but it was lots of work. But it was pay check too,” she laughs loudly.

So, what can we expect from this latest 'Scary Movie' film? "More of the same," she laughs. "Much, much more of the same except neither of the Wayans' are in this one."

Do you at least get to keep your blonde hair in this one?! "Oh yeah, this time I'm blonde throughout the entire movie! There's a lot of blondes in this one this time," she sheepishly smiles. "Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy are both in it this time round," she raises her right eyebrow a touch.

Is your favorite horror movie still ‘Cujo’ ?! ”I can’t believe that you said that,’ she ashamedly laughs. ”I’ve never even seen ‘Cujo,’ she then further admits. ”I just thought that it was a funny answer because everybody kept asking me and I just though that ‘Cujo’ was a funny thing to say !”

So, what is your favorite horror movie of all time ? ”Erm, well, honestly, probably my favorite moves are the ‘Alien’ series. I love them, but I’m not a huge scary movie fan, …… but then I guess I kinda am. I guess I love all kinds of movies then !”

What’s the most interesting thing to know about Anna Faris ? ”About me ? Oh, I don’t know. Well, I really do like a good time and I like to drink and I will admit that,” she laughs. ”I love margarita’s, I love even a good rum and coke every now and again, or a whiskey and coke is even better, but they tend to get me a little bit sassy ! But, I’m an English major, I love to write and so my secret dream would be to write a novel, but I don't know if I have that skill or the patience to stick with it. And, I love gardening and I love to cook and if I was in any other profession I would be about 30lbs bigger than I am now as I love to cook Italian food ! So, I guess I’m kind of a homebody.”

Whatever happened to the NBC / Andy Richter-produced ‘Dog Days’ ? ”Oh yeah, the dog show. Well, first it didn’t get picker up, then it did, then it didn’t get picked up, then it picked up again, and then it didn’t get picked up ….. no, maybe that’s too many times ! But, anyway, in the end it didn’t get picked up which I’m glad for because the show was about me and my talking dog and it was funnier than I thought as the dog was Andy Richter, but it was really hard working with the dog ! You don’t really get a lot back !”

Any brand new projects you can talk about ? ”Well, there’s an independent that I really want to do called ‘Waiting,’ but I’m not sure yet. It’s got Ryan Reynolds and it’s kind of a suburbia movie about all the people, waiters and waitresses, that work at a local restaurant and it sounds pretty funny.”

Describe yourself in three words: ”Strong, Spontaneous and Empathetic.”

Interviewed By Russell A. Trunk

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