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From Pontins to Stockholm: The Chez Kane Story

Not that long ago, Frontiers Music Srl proudly announced the signing of British rock singer Chez Kane to their label.

A talented young vocalist who fronts, with her two sisters, the band Kaned, she was brought to the attention of the label after conversations with Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx about the possibility of him scouting and producing some exciting new talent.

Subsequently, Danny started working on some demos with Chez and the label did not pass up the opportunity to get involved with this incredible talent.

Chezs self-titled debut solo album (out now via Frontiers Music Srl) embraces the melodic rock style that both she and Danny so admire, while adding a new twist to the current takes on the genre.

I feel so excited to have been asked to collaborate with Danny for a solo album, Chez reveals. The second I heard the music, I instantly knew it was for me and I am thrilled at the opportunity to launch my solo career this way. I am so humbled to have Frontiers on board. This is going to be killer and I cannot wait!, she adds.

Producer Danny Rexon adds, Until now, I had only worked on the production of Crazy Lixx, but with this I can take a whole other role where I am working on building up a brand new solo artist, which is quite refreshing; especially when we are talking about creating something with a talented and hardworking singer like Chez.

Chatting recently with the lovely Chez Kane, we talked about all-things Chez, including her name, her childhood, her other music projects, her debut video shoot, the new album, and, oh yeah, penguins!

Who Is Chez?:
OK, so, lets get this one out into the open first - is Chez, in and unto itself, a Welsh name or simply an abbreviation of a longer name? Chez is an abbreviation of Cheryl which I believe is a French name. But funnily enough, Chez is not pronounced the French way. So it is pronounced Chez (kinda like Shares), not Shay.

Please sum up Chez Kane (on an average day) in just five (5) words? Coffee, Workout, Singing, Coffee, Sleep. Haha!

Your album is playing everywhere in my life these days, especially the car, but what are you yourself listening to (more often than not) in the car or workspace? Ah that is really cool to know, awesome! Well, lately I have been listening to a lot of uplifting music like Def Leppard, Vixen & Crazy Lixx. The kind of music that can get you through a pandemic ... right?

Growing Up Chez:
Knowing you come from a musical family, which one was it that was more attune to 80s rock - such as Lita, Pat, and Vixen - and thus became your gateway? I was actually into more of the male fronted bands when I first discovered the power of 80s rock!

My first love of rock music was Def Leppard, but then I remember my sister Steph listening to Pat Benatar one day and from that day onwards, I remember starting to discover the female greats of the late 80s, early 90s and being blown away and inspired.

Looking back, what was the definitive rock song that had you reaching for the hair brush and standing in front of the mirror, busting out your vocals to see if you could match what was playing? Without a doubt, it was Pour Some Sugar On Me at the age of 13 and it became my obsession! Haha! I was completely obsessed with the song and had it on repeat! Yes, I know all of the words!

Is there a song that you have tried to wrap your vocals around, but many attempts later you just cannot nail it? Not that I can think of, no, as I always pick songs that I feel suit me and my vocal style/capability. Now and again I like to challenge myself, for example, Steel Hearts Ill Never Let You Go.

I did a cover of it for my YouTube channel. It was a challenge, but I knew that with a bit of practice, I would get it!

Ill Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes) - Steelheart [Video Cover by Chez Kane]

That Chez Vibe:
As we are all now well aware, your musical vibe is magnificently the mid to late 80s / early 90s rock, from the synths to the drums to the saxophone to the guitars to your vocals! So how easy is it to embody that timeframe today and actually create that unique sound (given that all modern day music components are tuned away from such classic sounds?) Well, working with Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx made it easy! He is done a great job at capturing that infectious sound and it was easy for me to embody the sound and image I have been inspired by over the years!

When you are not knee deep in that era, what song do you carry around with you in your head and like to sing or hum when walking or driving, that might surprise us? It may not overly surprise you, but for some reason, Kate Bushs Running Up That Hill pops into my head often when I am out walking!

Maybe it is because I tell myself I should be running up that hill for exercise. Haha! But on a serious note, I bloody love that song and it does quite often pop into my head!

Too Late For Love Video Shoot:
For your very first music video shoot, for Too Late For Love, you flew to Sweden to film inside an abandoned warehouse, but with all that is going on, did it cross your mind not to fly? And was there a Plan B for it the UK should the trip get cancelled? There was a time where they lifted some restrictions and I was able to fly. We did not talk of a Plan B, but there definitely would have been a Plan B if I was not able to get over to film the video.

We just took each day as it came, because we did not know if flights would get postponed or anything. Luckily I got there and all health and safety measures were in place so I felt safe and also did a 2 week quarantine on return.

As you find yourself on a bed again (as you also did in Kaned Covered In Roses video, funnily enough), please reveal some insider goss about the video shoot that we never got to see! Haha, ok, so this was quite funny. Filming Too Late For Love, we needed a fan on me to blow my hair, well, the fan broke and the only solution was that a few of the guys were eating pizza and ended up fanning me with their pizza boxes! It was very hard to keep a straight face as you can imagine. Haha!

Chez Kane - Too Late For Love - Official Music Video

Debut Album Chitty-Chatty:
Taking these four (4) song titles, please sum up the passion you brought to your vocals at the time of recording each of them (given they were written by Danny):

Too Late For Love - All of that 80s sass!

Rocket On The Radio - Fun, summer ... cruising with the windows down. Ha!

Ball N Chain - Anthem!

Midnight Rendezvous - Kick ass, ball breaker!

Your debut album is amazing, truly, and has been selling out all around the world (even, at one stage, the Frontiers Music Srl website) so what proved to be the hardest thing about the process of getting it from your head to the store? Indeed, were the multiple Lockdowns helpful to getting it done quicker, perhaps? Thank you so much! I know, it is crazy to think that they have sold out copies on their website! It is a surreal feeling.

So it did not actually get done faster than expected, we were delayed by a good 6 months from the original plan. So unfortunately, the pandemic had a massive impact on the making of the album, but we luckily found a way to get things together where I was recording vocals at home and sending things back and forth to Danny in Sweden.

That was probably the most challenging thing, not being in the same room. It slowed the process! But, we got there in the end!

I can easily see this release being a vinyl LP in a gloriously vibrant gatefold package, so are there plans for that (given that vinyl has made a strong return)? And what is your favorite color, given that the vinyl should obviously then be pressed in it? I have had a lot of requests to print the album on Vinyl which is such a nice surprise! I feel that if Frontiers get enough requests about it, they will print it on Vinyl at a later date.

I have not thought about what colour it could be something to think about as I like so many colours! Haha!

I know you have had some major help in getting this album together from Crazy Lixxs Danny Rexon, and have returned the favor by contributing backing vocals to their upcoming new album, so has this now become a full-time job for you ie: rock star, or do you actually have a nine-to-fiver to currently pay the bills, perhaps? I have always been a singer and have grown up singing for a living. Mixture of gigs, bvs, singing jobs, etc."

Chez on YouTube:
From your YouTube posts, your Vixen cover is simply mind-blowing, especially given how on point it is, but it is also the first song I thought of when I cold-listened to your entire album a few days beforehand! Is the way that Janet Gardner sang her vocals so powerfully, yet did not need to throw her head everywhere to do it, just allowing her pure vocal talent to ooze out, how you modeled your own very similar approach, perhaps? Vixen has been a big inspiration but I feel my voice comes from me naturally, I do not feel like I am being anyone other than myself when it comes to my singing style and technique as such, but the influences are most definitely there and I will take that as a huge compliment, because Janet kicks ass!

Edge of A Broken Heart - Vixen [Video Cover by Chez Kane]

OK, come on now, you know I have to ask this: What is with the tongue coming out at the end of each video you post? Why the hell not? Haha! People often call me cheeky!

Chezs Rallying Cry!:
I read that you do not feel like you were born in the wrong era, but were perfectly now placed to revive the great rock sounds of those times, but I have to say, here and now, that had you been the lead singer of a band like Vixen, or a stand alone like Pat Benatar or Lita Ford back in the mid to late 80s / early 90s, you would have been a MASSIVE worldwide star, young lady! Not to say you would not now, but times and music have changed and this kind of genuine, heartfelt, feel good stadium rock just does not get made any more. So, in some way, do you feel like you are now the lone standard bearer for it, and does that carry any unwarranted weight with it? Firstly, thank you so much for saying that, I am blown away with that compliment!

I believe it is going to be a task getting this style back to where it belongs, I did not know how it would be received bringing that late 80s, early 90s feel back out there today, but so far, everyone has been really excited and on board and are really believing in me!

I am 100% up for this challenge! #revivethe80s!

Fast Favorite Five (aka Getting To Know Chez):
Favorite alcoholic beverage? Kraken
Favorite comfort food? Pizza
Favorite place to visit in the UK? Lake District
Favorite quote/phrase/saying you keep using, even if you do not realize it? I do not know, because I do not realize!
Favorite non-musical hobby? Gaming with friends (Call Of Duty mainly).

Chez Plays Live (in 2021)!:
You have just announced your very first live solo date this upcoming Dec 18th, 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden! Was this expected or did it come out of the blue to you? It was an out of the blue email asking if I wanted to be on the gig, which was a lovely surprise! I am so excited!

So, and with regard that last question, how has the young five year-old girl that was on stage with her sister at Pontins for her first ever live show evolved today into what the audiences can now expect to see a week before Christmas in Sweden?! Haha, something that has never changed since I was 5yrs old on that stage in Pontins is that I have never lost that love, drive and passion of wanting to be a singer.

I feel I have grown a lot as an artist over the years and everything I have worked hard for has most definitely prepared me for what is about to come. Sweden is gonna rock and I am ready! Bring it on!

What would your ultimate, dream tour-de-force of a supergroup backing band of musical heroes look like (and it can feature both passed and present)? Too hard a question as there are so many amazing musicians out there, but I do believe I have created my very own supergroup.

Not many people may have heard of them quite yet, but boy are they going to bring something special to the CK shows. Watch this space!

With regard Kaned, will there be more as a group, or will your sisters also start to fly solo on their own projects soon? Kaned is still very much a band, we hope to create another album in the future.

Also, with regard your video for Reckless, was that real alcohol and if so, what were the shots and who got the worse for wear come the end of the shoot?! I cannot remember much about that day! Does that answer your question? haha!

Kaned - Reckless [Official Music Video]

Penguins Ahoy!:
As I always end on this one question (as we are putting together a childrens book for charity with everyones answers), please know I am talking about the flightless birds and not the chocolate biscuit! Are you a fan of Penguins, in general, and if so, did you ever have one (toy) growing up? "I do not own a cuddly Penguin, which now makes me sad, because they are too bloody cute! Haha! If anyone says they do not like penguins, there has to be something wrong with them ... right?

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

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CD Track List:
1. Better Than Love
2. All Of It
3. Rocket On The Radio
4. Get It On
5. Too Late For Love
6. Defender Of The Heart
7. Ball N Chain
8. Midnight Rendezvous
9. Die In The Name Of Love
10. Dead End Street

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