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Sadie Katz   ('Wrong Turn 6') Sadie Katz ('Wrong Turn 6')

'The Secrets of Making Another Wrong Turn!'

'Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort' is an upcoming American horror film written by Frank H. Woodward and directed by Valeri Milev. Marking the sixth installment in the Wrong Turn film series, it is due out this Halloween.

A sudden and mysterious inheritance brings Danny (Anthony Ilott) and his friends to Hobb Springs, a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills. Hobb Springs is being looked after under the watchful care of Jackson and Sally, a socially awkward couple who introduce Danny to the long lost family he's never known.

A clan by the name of Hillicker. But soon Danny learns his relatives have a different way of living, that for generations, the Hillickers have observed ancient traditions rooted in cannibalism and other taboo rituals. These practices have kept the family strong if not necessarily pure. And tempted by the forbidden, Danny is forced to choose between his friends and his bloodline.

Chatting recently with the lovely Sadie Katz (who plays the lead character, Sally), I first wondered, given that it was back in March when she was announced as the headliner in the upcoming 'Wrong Turn 6,' when she had said: "I'm honored and humbled to play a role in a franchise so loved by so many horror fans" now she had experienced it all first hand, why she herself thought that the Wrong Turn franchise had run so successfully for over a decade now? "I know, that's crazy, right? Six?! I think, actually being a fan myself, thereís something behind the fact that the fans are actually the reason. The driving force behind the reason thereís so many sequels."

"Which is so cool. I mean, itís so cool. Really. If the fans stop watching, stop supporting then the franchise would go away. But, their loyalty, their enjoying the fantasy, the fun. The mystery. Like, where does the story go? Whatís the next wrong turn? Itís just good, gory, fun!"

You also said: "I can promise fans that they will get exactly what they've been craving." So, now you have completed your role as Sally, do you still stand by your original claim? "Oh geez, thatís scary huh? I could get in trouble, huh? I do. I think I do. I havenít seen the final cut. But, I was there. I was! Everyone on the set from Valeri (the director) to the D.P. to the entire crew in Sophia to the cast, a lot of theatrically trained actors from the UK; including the quite well known and loved soap star Roxanne Pallett were just really invested in making the the best film we could."

"Aqueela Zoll and I were the only ones from Los Angeles and we all loved Frank Woodworthís take on Wrong Turn. Just a wacky, crazy script. Which was just this wild, unique, risky, twisted script and we had fun with it, but we all had serious theatre training too so we took it totally serious. Which I think was different then what youíd normally do when you get to like, how do I say this, when you get to like a sequel number six!"

"Which may sound sorta pretentious and stupid but, we all thought like, what the f**k do we have to lose? We thought the fans would think itís cool too. I hope so anyway. If not ummm, well, Iíll have to change my Twitter accounts and Facebook and such. Sh*t!"

I think you'll be fine. Indeed, it's been reported that since the first Wrong Turn came out 11 years ago, that with five sequels coming after it makes the series one of the longest running horror franchises in recent history! Now that's impressive, but just how did you become involved in this latest installment? "It was sorta cool and exciting because when youíre acting you hear about it on the breakdowns and such. But, itís very on the down-low your manager sends you an audition for a ďvery successful, long runningĒ horror franchise. And you get all jazzed and nervous and you want to throw up and you start googling and trying to guess."

"And hereís a kind of exclusive for you, I worked with another director and I donít know if I can say who, but he sent me an email recommending me for the part. And I was like all OMGing, which I know is not that cool. But I said I already have been submitted, but the casting director was Scott Webster and if you can just you know put in a kind word for me because, I had done a couple episodes on another project. And the director wrote me a very sweet note. Which, in a sea of blonde actresses sometimes makes a difference!"

"And he sorta leaked it was Wrong Turn and I went nuts. Which was either really good or really bad. Letís just say, I didnít sleep well planning how the hell I was gonna book the part. When I really want something, I like really must, must have it. I understood it was a reimagining a fan tribute. And thatís cool as f**k. Am I allowed to curse? Too late I suppose to ask."

Sure, go for it. I don't give a f**k! "Just like asterisk me. I curse like a trucker when Iím excited. Iím normally excited. Sorry. Iím polite though. I always put my napkin on my lap so, at least I have that!"

'Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort' tells the tale of a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills called Hobb Springs. It also seems to be inhabited by the Hillickers, relatives of Danny that for generations have observed ancient traditions rooted in cannibalism and other taboo rituals! So, what can you tell us about what happens next? "That sounds like a crazy, weird story line! Like, who thinks of that? Huh? Frank. Thatís who. What the hell? I know right? Have you have been to West Virginia? Itís beautiful with like weird beautiful estates and stuff so it make sense in a backwards way. What the hell do you expect?"

"This is a tricky question though. You know 20th Century Fox is like having me handcuffed with one of those silver brief cases and Iím not even allowed to say sh*t-olla. Iím half way expecting my computer to go back in the middle of this interview? I canít tell. Just some really weird gory stuff, lots off sexy stuff and some stuff that warrants and NC-17. Sorry mom!"

OK, let's try a different approach. Your character Sally seems to be a strong one, a leader, but in most all the promo photos of her for this movie she's covered in blood! One assumes your time spent on set saw you wiping corn syrup with red food coloring out of your eyes most days then! "You are tricky! I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Iím wearing a white baby doll dress. That seems pretty sweet to me."

As the film came together the original director (of 3 through 5), Declan O'Brien was replaced by Valeri Milev, but did this late change in director affect you personally? "I never met Declan but he befriended me on Facebook which was way rad. He seems pretty busy and cool with other project which is how this business works. He kept the ball rolling so all respect to him. Never bite that hand that feeds you. Iíd love to meet him!"

Being that Valeri was a virtual newcomer to the director game, how did you find his style of directing? Did he have any directorial quirks? "Valeriís directed Code Red and Re-Kill and heís also directed a crazy amount of sexy, stylistic music videos. To say I loved his passion is an understatement. Valeri cared intensely about every single freaking shot. I donít know if this is P.C. to say but, he aged like a damn President while shooting! Iím not sure if he slept at all. He cared the most. You donít have forever on these things. So, everyone tries their damnedest and then you just gotta move on."

With principal photography taking place in Bulgaria in March, did you get time to tour the area of that country you were in, perhaps? "Yes! Most of the cast actually all went together up the mountain up these awesome cable cars. There was snow everywhere. It was stunning. You could see the whole amazing city. We were all in love with each other, the city, you could see the tips of the cathedrals."

"I think we needed the break from all the blood and gore. I mean, it was crazy every day someone was being torn apart limb by limb so we all had a day off and threw snow balls at each other. We would have gone sledding, but you know the studios make you sign waivers you wonít like ski or sled or do anything you could die ... before they potentially kill you or rip you to shreds on screen," she laughs.

Looking back, still to this day what was your favorite moment to film, and why? "This is another tricky question. Youíre good. You know 20th Century Fox has us all on like total secrecy, right? Iím like watching my rear view mirror. Iím kidding! The studio is keeping everything as hush-hush so itíll be more fun for the fans. So my favorite moment to film was, ummmm ... the first scene. Because, I realized it was really happening and I got to be part of this kooky, bloody, fantasy, horrific franchise."

And, as we're not called Exclusive Magazine for nothing, once the film comes to DVD/VOD what can you reveal about one of the scenes for us to look out for - or even freezeframe? Like, is there something in the background, is there something that just wouldn't work right but was filmed anyway? Some kind of behind-the-scenes exclusive for us to pass along to the readers? "Alright fine, Iíll give you something! In Sallyís bedroom thereís a certain doll that was set up just for fun by one of the crew members. Oh! The hallway! When you see the family photos props did just an awesome job ... so look closely! Youíll see something interesting about the Hillickerís family line. I tried smuggling a few pictures from props, but somehow that never happened. Damn it!"

With the cast of 'Wrong Turn 6' being a fresh bunch of talent you yourself became the more "seasoned" actor on set. Did you find yourself coaching any of the younger actors, perhaps? "Ha, is that a sweet way of saying I was, ahem a little older? Actually, they had acting chops fresh from really impressive theatre schools in the UK. Some doing shows on the West End. I did have some more experience working in film. I think I was more game to have a little fun with them when it was time for their close ups."

"Itís kind of a thrill to really work with the other actor when itís their time to shine. They all had theatre training and thatís where I started so we could all relate to each other. Their fresh energy made filming just really f**king cool. It brought a magic to the whole set. Everyone was appreciative to be working. Me included."

Due to so many Wrong Turn movie mishaps, many have said that people should get better GPS systems in their vehicles or learn to do their homework better about deep, dark, mysterious places before heading into them! So, based on that statement, would you yourself (in real life) ever have taken this trip with these guys to Hobb Springs without having done any homework beforehand?! "What would be the fun in that? Ha, if the girl never enters the haunted, dark house and says, "HelloĒ with a shaky voice weíll never get to see her run naked through the woods. Letís hope the GPS never starts working," she laughs again.

As with the majority of all the other Wrong Turn movies, this sixth outing will also go direct to DVD/VOD. But would you have liked to see it up there on the big screen, perhaps? "Of course, but the industry is crazy now because I donít think itís a monitor of how good or bad a movie is. Sharknado 2 was in theatres which, for the record I enjoyed. If the audience and the studio decides enough people can see it and support it on the screen theyíll put it up."

"Itís a numbers game. Itís having a premiere at Frightfest on a big screen. Thatís cool. Maybe Fox will do something for Halloween in the US ... talk to them. But, Iíll be just as stoked to watch it at home with a tub of popcorn."

So, what's next for Sadie Katz? "Iím heading for South America in September for the Premiere of 'Chavez: Cage of Glory' with Hector Echaverria, Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer. Which, by the way will be at Best Buy and VOD on September 3rd. Iím also wrapping filming on another Trejo movie, 'No Way Out.' Filming 'State of Desolation' with Jamie Bernadette (6th Friend) and Dominique Swaine (Lolita, Face/Off) directed by Jim Towns (House of Bad)."

"Iím looking forward to filming a female jewel heist film directed by Greg Rhoades and a very gritty post apocalyptic 'Kill the Zombies' by Hector Echaverria where I play a zombie hunter with principle photography for that in Paraguay."

Trying one last time to extract something from you that 20th Century Fox will let you get through the journalistic cracks, and not to give too much away re: Sally's demise or survival in 'Wrong Turn 6,' but could we see her come back in another installment of the series?! "Ha, Iím not falling for that question either. I plead the 5th. Clever man."

Oh well ... and finally, we here at Exclusive Magazine LOVE penguins (the birds)! So, we were wondering if you did too? "I often wonder if penguins have knees? It keeps me up at night!"

Sadie, thank you for having fun here with us today and we wish you well with everything you do in the future "Thank you! You guys are awesome. Please tell everyone they can find me on:

Twitter @

Facebook @

Instagram @

You just did, lovely lady.

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

If you would like to win an AUTOGRAPHED 'Wrong Turn 6' poster from Sadie Katz herself, just answer this question about the lady: Sadie is credited as a Writer on which 2013 movie that she also starred in?

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win an AUTOGRAPHED 'Wrong Turn 6' poster from Sadie Katz! [FYI: All posters will be sent out after the movie is released, but before Christmas!] Just send us an e:mail here before November 1st with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: SIGNED WRONG TURN 6 POSTERS to:

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