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Cherry Pop

Kearran Giovanni   ('Major Crimes') Kearran Giovanni ('Major Crimes')

'In The Heat of The Crime'

TNT drama 'Major Crimes' follows detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department Crimes Division lead by Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), who investigate both high-profile and particularly sensitive crimes. Raydor's team of special investigators work diligently to solve the mysteries of each case, while also collaborating with LA County prosecutors to score a conviction.

Stunningly beautiful, charismatic, television and stage actress, Kearran Giovanni, stars as detective Amy Sykes, the ambitious undercover police detective and military veteran, in this critically acclaimed TNT drama; the spin-off of the network's critically acclaimed series THE CLOSER.

Heading into its third season, the hit show returns to air with all new episodes beginning on Monday, June 9th at 9/8c and continues to draw an average audience of nearly 7 million viewers, ranking as one of basic cable's Top 10 series of the year.

Chatting recently with the lovely Kearran Giovani, and having previously been best known for her role as Dr. Vivian Wright on 'One Life to Live,' she seemed to land immediately back on her feet once that role come to an end and this new one as Det. Amy Sykes on 'Major Crimes' had come up. But was it truly as easy a transition as that? "To be honest, my time on 'One Life to Live' was a secondary job. During those 3 years I was doing a Broadway show at night and guest starring on “One Life” during the day. When I got “Major Crimes” I was actually doing “Anything Goes” with Sutton Foster and boom! My life changed!"

What were some of the more defining changes in your acting when it came to moving from one character you had known so well to that of Sykes? "They all speak through some part of who you are. It's all about finding which part of you to place in that character. Amy has my brown noser, people-pleaser bone."

Having just begun its third season on TNT, what's it like working on set with all those rough-around-the-edges (character wise, of course!) male police colleagues? "It's like working with all of my brothers! I love them to death, but they’re brothers…so you get the picture :)"

It's been said that even though Season 1 had 10 eps, and Season 2 had 19 eps, this new third season will have 15 eps. Have they told you where your character arc will lead you throughout, perhaps? Or are you still filming as we speak? "Lucky for us we are doing 19 episodes this season! :) We are only up to episode 8 right now and we aren't told much of anything about our arc. We just take it as it comes."

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of "Major Crimes" and find it an incredible ensemble package. Thus far what has been your favorite episode (that you have been in) and why? "Well thank you :) I love them all. I think so far I love so many from this season. I also loved my first episode. Personally, I had NO idea what I was doing. I just smiled and nodded through the whole shoot thinking "Oh my god, don't screw this up!”

Indeed, another of my favorite ensemble cop shows on TV is "Rizzoli & Isles," who are coming back after the real life passing of one of their series regulars. My question is though, do you yourself watch other cops shows of the same ilk, just to get tips or learn things, perhaps? "I have to say, I don't watch much TV."

On set, who has given you the most advice - and what was the best yet? "Mary McDonnell has given me great advice! She’s told me, "Sometimes I don't know either, just pretend like you do until someone else asks the question!"

You handle the big guns in your scenes like a pro, so what training did they give you beforehand? "I was trained by an ex-Navy seal. We shot a 9mm, double shot gun, and an M4. I also grew up hunting on a farm so it wasn't too far-fetched."

With that regard, and with revealing a little behind the scenes info, are the guns you use as heavy as the real ones? Or ARE they actually the real ones?! "Well, if the scene doesn't call for us to draw, we sometimes use rubber guns because they are lighter, but most of the time we use real guns that are unloaded. Those are actually pretty heavy!"

Finally, we here at EXCLUSIVE Magazine love penguins (the birds) so we were wondering if you did also? And/or if you had any stories about penguins (stuffed or otherwise)?! "I have 2 toddlers, so we have about 5,000 stuffed penguins from various trips to the zoo or aquarium and have seen “Happy Feet” a million times. Gotta love 'em!"

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

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