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Sharon Corr Sharon Corr

'Corr, Blimey!'

GRAMMY®-nominated singer/songwriter/violinist Sharon Corr is still celebrating the release of her acclaimed new album, THE SAME SUN. Immediately after it was released this past April she performed at a very special New York City event entitled Live From Home with Sharon Corr. An intimate showcase benefitting the world famous Housing Works Bookstore Café (126 Crosby Street), all the ticket sales went to benefit the Housing Works mission fighting to end AIDS and homelessness.

THE SAME SUN has quickly earned ecstatic applause from major publications nationwide. The Philadelphia Inquirer declared it to be “a beautifully sung album, classic-sounding without being bound to the past,” while the San Francisco Examiner commended the collection’s “maturity,” adding “its breezy lead single, ‘Take A Minute’ echoes the classy ‘60s pop of Lulu and Petula Clark.”

Chicago’s Windy City Times raved, deeming THE SAME SUN to be “sophisticated pop worthy of prime Sondheim… (Corr has) a near-perfect voice with a slight Irish brogue that lilts and pirouettes delicately as well as a solid mid-range tone that feel like luxury.”

Produced in Los Angeles by multiple GRAMMY®-nominee Mitchell Froom (Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Crowded House), the album is Corr’s most intimate and organic to date, capturing her gift for timeless melodies and powerful emotion. Songs like “Full Circle” and the international hit single “Take A Minute,” see the Brit Award-winning singer/songwriter exploring a range of influences, spanning classic folk rock to Brazilian pop, all coming together to create a distinctive and contemporary sound all her own.

Chatting recently with the lovely lady herself, Sharon Corr, I first wondered, being that The Corrs were one of the most celebrated and beloved Celtic folk/pop/rock bands of their era, in reflection of those glory days what did she miss the most? "It was wonderful - we had huge success and were celebrated all over the world. I don't tend to look back - I'm proud of what we achieved but I'm always moving forward - I love being a solo artist - taking my songs down the road that I alone would take them, performing and being front of stage feels like my perfect home - my solo career so far has been a beautiful journey of self discovery and it's only getting better."

It seemed that The Corrs toured non-stop for years so that must have been exhausting too, one imagines? "I've always loved touring - it's my favourite part of the industry! Sure it can be tiring but stage gives me this great buzz and gives me sooo much energy - I suppose because I love it. I just did a six week tour of the. US and loved every minute!"

You opened for U2, Celine Dion, and even The Rolling Stones, but looking back what was the one occasion where you turned to yourself and said, 'Wow, this is incredible. We've finally made it'? "Oh wow there were many occasions, performing for President Clinton - being in the White House, singing with Pavarotti, for Nelson Mandela, performing at Buckingham Palace. I remember a moment when we had to pinch ourselves to take it in - we sold out 6 Wembley's in record time - that's was amazing! There is soooo much more too!"

The Corrs performed for both President Clinton and Nelson Mandela - how did those incredible opps come about? "We were asked - when a band gets known worldwide you get asked to so the most amazing things."

Being that your debut solo album came out in 2010, why was the time now right for your follow-up, The Same Sun? "I spent 2 yrs writing this album and on and off for a year recording it, I was also a coach on the The Voice and touring - so things took a little time. I also believe a record if you follow your instincts has it's right place and time - and this feels like it for The Same Sun. I think the industry is starting to re embrace and organic real sound again after years of faking it with auto tune and huge productions. My record is from the heart - it is very real and very beautiful."

And why did you select Grammy-nominee Mitchell Froom to produce your album? "He has always been my all time favourite producer! When I heard Crowded House WoodFace I feel in love with the record and indeed the production - so organic and musically intelligent and nurturing. This is Mitchells forte!"

When it came to recording this new album, did you notice your voice having changed in any way over the years? "Yes I did, I had just done 2 yrs of touring my solo record and my voice had greatly developed from being most a backing vocalist and violin player in The Corrs. It became very rich and I found I could do so much more with it easily - I love singing!"

And being that this is obviously a very passionate, personal collection of songs for you, which one song today, right at this moment stands out to be the one track you feel the most attached to? "The title track is very special The Same Sun. I wrote it after being in Tanzania with the charity organisation Oxfam. I am an ambassador for them and I went there on a trip to launch a campaign called Ending poverty starts with women. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life."

"The women of Tanzania - have no rights - no voice in their community and are subject to daily violence of a sexual or physical nature - the do all the work - farming - bring up the children and of course they live in dire poverty. They told me their stories. Our effort was to try and give them access to register lands in their own names, access to legal help, to tools and seeds and to try an affect change in the cultural norm of violence towards women."

"The song is not a charity song, it is not preaching or a judgement - I wanted to convey the feeling of being there, the atmosphere the movement of the women as they danced, they bring so much joy to what they do it is unbelievable and they are so colourful and the light of Tanzania is truly beautiful - it struck me that we are all under the same sun - utterly dependent on it - it unites us."

And with all the musical influences abounding on it, it must have been a rather fun working experience. But were there any stumbling blocks in its making, perhaps? "This record was not difficult to make - It felt very natural - once I had the songwriting done it all made sense."

Being a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/violinist, have you found yourself being inundated with requests to work on other musicians albums? And have you actually done that recently, perhaps? "I've worked with Bryn Terfel, Jean Michelle Jarre, Rod Stewart ... There have been many."

You recently undertook a North American solo tour so how did the tour pan out for you overall? "The tour was fabulous, great audiences and I loved discovering soo much more of America - what a diverse country, I can't wait to do it again!"

Lastly, we here at Exclusive Magazine love Penguins - so we were wondering if you also loved them or had any funny stories about them? "My kids and I love watching 'Happy Feet' - it's one of their favs!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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