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Paul Becker   (Choreographer - 'Mirror, Mirror') Paul Becker (Choreographer - 'Mirror, Mirror')

'The Fairest of Them All!'

Paul Becker has etched a very unique career for himself as of one Hollywood’s busiest choreographers, working in both feature film and television. From hip hop and capoeira to ballet and tap, Paul uses his vast knowledge of dance, multimedia and film making to create elaborate spectacles.

A man best known for his work on the TV show 'Hellcats,' you can see Paul’s talent every week on the CW series. He serves as lead choreographer on the series which features a weekly dose of dynamic dance styles meshed with an astounding athleticism and gymnastic technique that turn simple cheerleading into spectacular performances.

And, on the big screen Paul has two major motion pictures being released before Christmas. First up is the continuing saga of the Twilight series, 'Breaking Dawn,' and then one of the new Snow White reimaginings, 'Mirror, Mirror' starring Julia Roberts.

Chatting recently with Paul Becker himself, I first wondered, as he had discovered dance at an early age, what age that had actually been, why, and what was it about virtually every style that meant he couldn't decide which one to concentrate on? "I started dancing at 12 years-old ... breakdancing! I knew that the more that I did each style of movement they would compliment each other."

Indeed, you are considered to be a protégé of the genius Kenny Ortega. Flattering, embarrassing, or completely ok to acknowledge? "I'm flattered. Kenny is someone that I really look up to and admire him and his career."

And, being the lucky man you are, on the set of 'Hellcats' is where you met, and fell in love with your now-girlfriend, Sharon Leal. So, just how did that all come about? "What you asking! I don't kiss and tell," he laughs. "But I will say that she is a beautiful person and so damn talented."

Your work on the overly-elaborate musical numbers in the 100 million dollar feature film 'Sucker Punch' shone through, as it was quite the theatrical spectacle to behold! What proved to be your favorite scene from the finished project and why? "I loved choreographing Oscar Issak and Carla Gogino sing 'Love is a Drug.' We really had a fun time creating it."

Indeed, you use your vast knowledge of dance, multimedia and film making to create elaborate spectacles in the movies you undertake. To this day, which film/project that you have worked on is your go-to for "showing off" about? "That's a tough question. I love my Michael Buble video, 'Sucker Punch' and excited for the world to see 'Mirror Mirror'."

Looking forward, you have recently undertaken the choreographer role on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and Part 2! As you haven't worked on any of the others in the series, what made them bring you on for these new ones ... and what did you end up adding to the series? "We did a big wedding scene. It was so much fun to do all that swing dancing."

The Twilight series is huge, so entering onto their soundstage to work with the cast back on day one, did you feel like gushing with them about how great the series is?! "I didn't even know who they were, lol! I was so out of touch. So, no," he laughs.

And never one to sit quietly while the movie world passes you by, you have also seemingly carved yourself out a unique niche as a go-to horror movie movement consultant! Having already worked as a movement coach and choreographer for movie monsters in 'Wes Craven's My Soul to Take,' you are now being let loose on Joss Whedon's much anticipated feature 'Cabin in the Woods' ... and also the soon-to-be-released 'Scooby Doo: Curse of the Lake Monster'! So, please reveal to us now what are the three (3) primary moves that a "movie monster" makes - so we can watch out for them should we find ourselves down at The Lake sometime soon! "Creatures all move different ways. It depends on what kind of creature it is. It is such an interesting thing to do. It is pretty much character work."

You have also completed work on the new Snow White movie, now-named 'Mirror, Mirror.' Starring the always lovely Julia Roberts, what are you most proud of in this movie, and that has your choreographer stamp all over it? "I absolutely love this giant number we did with Lily singing. You can see it opening the trailer."

And, let's be honest, how many times did you sit down with Julia to chat about scenes ... and how much input does the actual actor (in general) have, these days? "Julia has a huge say in everything. She is Julia Roberts. A star like her has a say in everything. She picked up choreography quick and was a delight to work with."

And, continuing your upcoming flood of film work, what can we expect from your work in:

'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days' - "Another fun dance with both boys this time."

'This Means War' - "Chris Pine cutting rug."

Lastly, and throwing you a real journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine love Penguins, .... do you, perhaps? "Yes, love them."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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