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Ghost Canyon

Raz B Raz B

‘What A Girl Wants - Catching Up With Raz B'

Raz B, known to the world as the controversial member of former band B2K is still standing today. Not one to run from a fight or hide from confusion Raz B, wants the world to see him as a different person.

He has a story to tell.

The US R&B boy band B2K were Omarion, J-Boog, Lil Fizz and Raz-B. Formed in 2001, they had a successful, if short-lived, career. Their studio albums B2K and Pandemonium! were gold and platinum sellers respectively, while 'Bump Bump Bump,' with a contribution from P. Diddy, was their most successful single.

He has made mistakes and at times spoken ahead of turn, but who can deny his talent. Let's put the twitter beef between Raz B and Chris Brown to rest. Let's allow the Judicial System deal with the legal issues.

Let's focus on Raz B and his talent.

Exclusive Magazine recently sat down with Raz B and discussed his upcoming new Queensryche CD, the bands recent re-released remaster of 'Empire,' a cover of a Simon & Garfunkel song, and, of course, ... Penguins!

Taking it from the top and when did De'Mario Monte Thornton become Raz B "When I was with an earlier boy group, I wanted a catchy name like some off the big name artist have. And why? 'Cause I feel that it would make me stand out."

Also, where did that nickname originate? "My family and friends gave me the nickname."

Being a member of the group B2K not only allowed you to top the charts but the film 'You Got Served' put you on the big screen. What was it like around that time for you? "AMAZING!"

In reflection, did you handle it all as well as you could have done? "I feel I could have done better."

Indeed, aside from your solo debut in 2007, your career in both music and movies diminished somewhat, but what do you put that down to? "Not having the right team behind me was hard, but now I have big Mike and things are good."

With allegations abounding from you to others (Chris Stokes and Marques Houston via videos) and from others to you (Chris Brown via Twitter), why is it that controversy has taken ahold of your life more than music in the past few years? "People love drama so I am going to turn the negative around into the positive and keep it moving. Music is my life and my world."

If there was one mistake, one thing you could erase from your past which one would it be and why? "All the negative energy surrounding my name, because this is a serious matter and I chose to speak about it. And it hurt me bad, but the show must go on."

And so with all that in mind, what would you like to state here today for all those that read your interview, once and for all putting the record straight from your viewpoint? "IF THIS HAPPENS TO ANY OFF YOU FANS, TELL SOMEONE 'CAUSE THIS IS WRONG AND YOU DON'T HAVE TOO HIDE ANY MORE. I WILL BE HERE TOO TURN THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU."

You got back to music in 2010 with the release of 'Boy 2 King: The Mixtape EP,' which featured a lot of star power! Are these same people - Raven Symone, Freeway Ricky Ross, Sway (MTV) and Josh Powell, etc. - all going to be on the finished full-length album, perhaps? "We are still in talks about my next album."

And when will that be released? "Can't give the date away, but it will be something the fans want to hear."

And please tell us more about your Heal the World project? "Pain comes in so many forms and fashions. If we heal each other we can heal the world and the children."

Word has it you are also working on your own autobiography - is this true? "Yes, it is and I will make sure you get a copy."

Thank you ... and, as we're not called Exclusive Magazine for nothing, what titles are you considering for it? "I was thinking about 'Life After B2K' or 'The World Through Raz B's Eyes."

Who is the most famous person in your cell phone today? "Michael Neely and my PR Tara Thomas."

Lastly, and throwing you a journalistic curve ball, Exclusive Magazine love penguins ... do you, perhaps? "Hhhhhmmmm!"

Thanx again, glad we can work on this with you, take care and stay in touch - "Sorry for being late in with this. I am in China right now as we speak!"

Interview: Russell A. Trunk

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