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Cherry Pop

YuLanda YuLanda

'Out of the box and straight from the heart!'

What is perhaps one of the freshest new acts in the music industry, YuLanda is a soulful songstress that doesnít let labels define her. Beginning singing with her church choir at the young age of three, she eventually traveled the world as a member of the group The Sounds of Blackness.

Working on a solo career, she sat down to talk with Exclusive Magazine about the new, the old, and her philosophies on performing.

What made you want to be a singer? "Iíve always been inspired by music, I love music. So I thought coming into the music world was a natural fit. I would sing in the choir as a kid, and I just loved the sound. And not to mention itís a natural talent for me."

Can you recall your first public performance? "Years ago," she laughs, "I would perform with my sisters. And there were several events that we did, college performances and NAACP events, and we won awards, but those events are different than what weíre doing now because I had my sisters to sing with. But now, singing by myself and being in a more professional area as far as music is concerned, Iím getting more butterflies because now I donít have the back-up. But itís really exciting."

So, is singing a family affair for you, then? "No, itís not just a family thing. Now weíre on a whole different level, but when I was younger, with my sisters, yeah, it was more like a family thing."

Who are some of your influences? "Well," she laughs, "I love Patti [LaBelle], I love Aretha Franklin, I love Beyonce, I love Luther Vandross, and thereís a host of people that I really like."

Tell us a little about your experience The Sounds of Blackness "It was really exciting because I got to delve into new adventures. I got to travel worldwide and do events, so being on a national and international level was really a dream come true for me."

How would you define your sound? "If I was to classify my art, it would be more like Iím a soul singer. What I do is I sing from my heart. So whatever piece Iím going to sing, whether itís a hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Soul, a Gospel piece, it comes straight from the heart."

Thatís so refreshing! A lot of times, it seems, a lot of artists neglect that part of themselves, and it all comes out sounding rather corporate "Yeah, YuLanda isnít corporate! Iím not one of those singers who go along with the guidelines, so to speak. I am completely out-of-box."

Letís talk a little bit about your current projectsÖwhatíre you working on right now? "Right now Iím in the studio, adding new pieces everyday, and Iím hoping that we can get it all together and do a release for the CD sometime in 2011."

Any names for the CD, or are you not that far along yet? "Iím still thinking on that. I have a lot of names Iíve looked at, but I havenít quite made a decision yet."

Are there plans for a tour in the works yet? "Iím not sure about that either. Everythingís still in progress, so Iím just taking it one day at a time."

I had the chance to take a listen to ďThang Called LoveĒ on iTunesÖwhat was the inspiration for this record? "Honestly, I really had nothing that really inspired me to do ďThing For Love.Ē It was a song that never should never had come out. It was released without my permission, so honestly, I have no connection with ďThang Called Love.Ē You know how it is, you do pieces for whatever reason, and sometimes, without your permission, people get gullible and release records or interviews without your knowledge, and thatís just something that occurred."

Finally, is there anything you would like the public to know about YuLanda? "I just want them to know that Iím here and Iím coming out strong!"

Interviewed by: Ashley Trombley

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