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Dave Vescio   ('Revelation Road 2') Dave Vescio ('Revelation Road 2')

'The Revelations of Dave Vescio'

David Vescio, born in Somerset, Pennsylvania, is an American Soldier, Film actor and Photo Journalist best known for his villainous roles in film and television.

Specializing in bad guys, Vescio only started acting in films around five years ago, but he's already appeared in over forty horror and sci-fi movies!

Now, in his latest movie 'Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire,' he's being a bad boy again, playing a questionable character named ... Dale!

Chatting recently with the man himself Dave Vescio, I first wondered, being that he plays a character named Dale in his new movie 'Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire,' what we could expect to see from him? "Well," he laughs, "letís just say this. Dale is a very nice friendly gas station owner who may or may not be evil. Well, it really depends on your point of view of things. Meaning, what would you do if your food supply ran out in a post apocalypse world and the only thing around is us? What would you do to survive? So, Iíll let you the audience to decide if Iím good or bad," he smiles.

Being that you weren't in the first movie, did that make any difference to you that others knew each other from before on set? "We actually shot both movies as one movie. Itís just when it came time to edit the whole movie, the producers and director realized that they actually had two full movies captured versus just one."

Well now that would definitely explain why when I watched both trailers for 'Revelation Road: The Beginning of The End' and 'Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire' back-to-back and they featured 90% of the same footage!! "Yeah, we just shot too much footage and we couldnít squeeze the whole movie into just two hours. And most audience members will not watch a three to four hour movie, so we broke it up into two movies instead."

The story's tagline is 'A Prophecy Foretold' so, and without giving anything away, what storyline is being followed here? "The Book of Revelations from the New Testament. The ĎRevelation Roadí series is a Christian end of times movie for when Christ comes back to Earth. And this is Pure Flix Entertainmentís interpretation of what might happen when this actually does happen in the coming future."

And would you say, for those asking, that 'Revelation Road 2' is a deeply religious movie, as a whole, perhaps? "Umm, yes and no. Letís just say that if you donít believe in Christ or God, and/or you donít believe in Revelations at all I still think youíll enjoy this movie series very much! Throughout history there have been times when chaos just broke out and civilizations started to fall and small groups of bandits started to take over. This movie is definitely a representation of that as well."

"What would happen if everything starts to fall apart, and what would you do to survive? Would you choose good or would you choose evil? I think thatís really the whole point of this whole movie series. It gets you the viewer to decide for yourself. Some humans will choose good and some will choose evil. And I think God gave us a choice. Now, itís up to us to decide, and for us to take whatever consequences become of it. And thatís what I like about this whole movie series. It questions your own morals as a human being."

I was talking with your co-star Eric Roberts and he said, "There's over 3000 movies being made in this country as we speak! And probably only 10% of them will be watchable. So three hundred of them only will be watchable. And only thirty of those will be great." So, based on his mathematics, is 'Revelation Road 2' one of the 10% or one of the latter 30?! "So, so true and I totally agree. Even though for me, I would probably only watch 1% of those 3000 movies being made."

"To answer your question I honestly donít know. Let me explain it this way. In the beginning of my movie career in 2004 I was a lead villain in a horror feature film called ĎDamon.í And I watched the feature film in full before we went to our very first film festival. And I thought the movie was horrible to watch. It was grainy, the shots werenít always in focus, the audio was in and out, and I just didnít care for the editing at all."

"But, you know what, it won the Audience Choice Award at this New York City film festival and people wanted to get my autograph, and we were competition against other movies that starred known actors and where shot beautifully. So, you never know. Itís truly up to the audience. The audience decides whatís good and whatís not. And you never know what they are going to like or dislike."

"Shoot, most Studio movies bomb at the movie theaters, so, you never know. No one knows. But, what I do know about ĎRevelation Road 2í is that we are going to Video On Demand [VOD] "and at select movie theaters across the country on July 12th. So, that tells me that thereís a built in audience base waiting to watch this. So, Iím pretty sure it is one of the 10%," he smiles

Was 'Revelation Road 2' shot using the RED cameras? If so, again quoting Eric, he said his issue with those was that "... instead of you watching the movies you're now going, Wow, he didn't shave today" re: HD picture quality! "Good question. I honestly donít know if it was digital or film. I just donít remember. But I do understand what Eric is saying though. Digital cameras see everything. And it can easily make good actors look bad as well. But Eric looks great on digital and he definitely comes across believable. Definitely more believable than most actors. Shoot, Iíve always been a huge fan of Eric Roberts."

What turned out to be the most fun you had on the set of 'RR 2'? "Actually working across from Brian Bosworth. I enjoyed that a lot. For being such a big famous ex-NFL football player who is known for being rowdy back in the day, well, he was actually peaceful and quiet on set. He had a calmness that you rarely see in people. And I enjoyed working across from that. It made my job so much easier to do, meaning, acting wise, because my character is a skinny little thing being surrounded by all these tough biker types who will just kill you in a minute for blinking too fast!"

For some of your movies you are billed as Dave Vescio, but for ones like 'Hick' you get a full name billing, Dave Allen Vescio. Why is that? "Yeah, well, that was the error of the production company on ĎHick.í My stage name has always been Dave Vescio, from the very beginning of my acting career in 2002. But, the production company got it all wrong. I guess they just thought that I used my full name versus having a stage name. Oh well, mistakes do happen. It is what it is."

And coming up alongside these stars, as you do on a regular basis, which ones have you struck up enduring friendships with well after filming has ended? "Not many to be honest. But, Sally Kirkland for sure! Sheís like a mom to me. For your fans who may not know who she is. Sally Kirkland is an Oscar Nominee and a Golden Globe-winning actress. Sheís in her 70s now, but sheís done tons of famous movies over the decades. And Brian Krause is a dear friend as well. He was the lead actor in the TV series called 'Chamred.' Great guy! I love Brian!"

And talking of 'Hick' you are not very nice as the Stranger who attacks the lovely Chloe Grace Mortez in the bathroom! How was she to get along with on set? "Thanks," he loudly laughs. "Yeah, that was a great shoot. I will never forget that shoot. Itís the best movie that Iíve done so far. And Chloe is great! Phenomenal actress. And so, so funny off set. Sheís a true talent and sheís definitely going to be A-list in the coming decades. Thatís how talented Chloe is."

"And the fans LOVE her! My God, she has this huge international fan base, and sheís still a young little teenager. Wait until sheís an adult and everybody knows who she is. Sheíll be ultra famous!"

You make many movies a year, but are you waiting anxiously for that moment when a movie is actually created/written around you as the leading man, perhaps? "I honestly donít know. I donít mind playing the smaller villain roles though. You can make those memorable as well. And thatís what I always try to do when I work on set. But, yeah, maybe. But I may just make my own leading roles instead. Iím playing around with that idea as we speak."

Finally, you have many films upcoming, either completed or in production, so which one would you say we should keep an eye out for? "The two movies that I look forward to seeing in the coming year are ĎThe Trials of Cate McCallí starring Kate Beckinsale and Nick Nolte, and ĎThe Odd Way Homeí starring Rumer Willis; the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore."

"Those two indie films are going to be fun to watch and I cannot wait. When it comes to artistic films and I rarely act in artistic films, you just know when magic is being made on set, because everyone involved is bringing their A game, from the actors to the crew members to everyone else."

"And the two above movies have that quality to them for sure. Just like my movie ĎHickí which starred Alec Baldwin, Blake Lively, Chloe Grace Moretz, Juliette Lewis, Eddie Redmayne and Rory Culkin. Thatís a great film for your fans who have not seen it yet."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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