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'Awake' [Blu-ray]
(Jonathan Rhys Meyers, William Forsythe, Francesca Eastwood, et al / Blu-ray / NR / 2019 / Cinedigm)

Overview: A man wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of who he is or how he got there. His nurse Diana (Eastwood) is unable to find any identification and refers to him as John Doe (Rhys Meyers).

The police barge into the hospital, accusing John of being a serial killer responsible for the murder of several young women in the area. As the Sergeant ushers John into a private room for questioning, he manages to escape with the help of Diana, who is convinced of his innocence.

The fugitives then set off for the last crime scene in search of clues and answers to clear John's name but the benevolent nurse will soon uncover the shocking truth behind the amnesiac's identity and the web of deceit that will lead him to a final fight for his survival.

Blu-ray Verdict: For all intents and purposes, 'Awake' is quite an interesting take on what is obviously a familiar movie/TV plot line.

That said, I didn't personally see many of the twists coming (ok, sure, I saw one obvious one a mile off, but definitely not a couple of the others), although I like to pride myself on being able to do just that!

The characters, well, for fans of movies and TV you will know them, otherwise you'll be unaware of their talents. Rhys-Meyers isn't the greatest actor in the world, his roles now reduced to B-movies and such, but he pulls his weight here and gives a decent performance nevertheless.

Francesca Eastwood, although herself not given a lot to work with in her role, is, for my money, the ongoing best part of the entire movie.

For the most interesting character of 'Awake' is indeed her character of the nurse named Diana, who believes in the innocence of a man brought into the hospital after a serious car crash.

The man is identified as "John Doe" because he has suffered from memory loss after the crash. Also, we know that the auto wreck was not an accident, as he was intentional pushed off the road by another driver intent on killing him.

There's good, seemingly genuine chemistry between the two leads and what I also liked here was that they didn't try and force a love story to come from their thrown-together connection.

And lest we forget that the wonderful character actor William Forsythe is in this movie too, playing Officer Roger Bower, a man who wakes up to the reality that his son (played by James Austin Kerr) is, well, let's call him "disturbed," shall we!

On the outside, this is a person who has lived his life in the right direction and been a normal family person. Now hes covering up this dark secret.

Filmed beautifully within both the wide open spaces and small rural towns of what one assumes to be the Midwest, with these two aforementioned actors leading the way, the fact that the plot isn't exactly mind blowing doesn't detract from the fact that its far from being a predictable one either.

Packed with some good, creepy scenes, gritty moments, well-scripted with some good suspenseful moments, for what 'Awake' pertains to be it does a good job of staying on those rails. It's a really well done action/thriller/drama that keeps you guessing.

So, in conclusion, if you're a fan of 'Prisoners,' 'Mindhunter,' or even 'Se7en,' then 'Awake' is the perfect movie for your Saturday night entertainment. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

'Awake' Official Movie Trailer