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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Dead Trigger' [Blu-ray+Digital]
(Dolph Lundgren, Autumn Reeser, Romeo Miller, Isaiah Washington, et al / Blu-ray + DVD + Digital / R / (2017) 2019 / LGF)

Overview: A mysterious virus has killed billions and turned many others into bloodthirsty zombies. Unable to stop the virus, the government develops a video game, "Dead Trigger," that mirrors the terrifying events that curse the world.

Blu-ray Verdict: OK, in truth, the sole reason why I chose myself to review this Blu-ray of 'Dead Trigger' (aka 'Zombie Shooter') was because it claimed to be a big-ass zombie killing movie!

Yeah, that is sufficient to make me have an interest in watching a movie, believe me. However, reading the synopsis for the movie and the fact that Dolph Lundgren starred in it I wasn't exactly ready to grab the popcorn and settle into the sofa quite as fast as I had hoped!

But, hold on for a second for Dolph does put out the occasional entertaining action movie for sure, but come on now, starring in a zombie movie? Not so sure that it was going to be the ultimate combo, but here I was, popcorn ready. Blu-ray read. Mindset ready to be objective.

Sadly, my fears came true, because Dolph is actually not particularly suited for a zombie movie - despite having done one prior to this one already; which wasn't particularly outstanding either, sorry.

Or perhaps it was the fact that he seems very disinterested in the script and movie and was just there to cash in on a paycheck? We've all seen this breed of actor perform this paycheck ritual before so why should we be surprised in 2019 that it still happens? I mean, it definitely felt like that given his performance and demeanor throughout the scenes he was in.

The storyline and script in 'Dead Trigger' was fairly straight forward, albeit to the point where you need zero brain activity to keep up with the movie, of course.

You just switch to autopilot mode and sit back and watch the movie. The ultimate point of the movie, as revealed at the end, is that couch potatoes sitting at home playing online shooters can become elite military personnel trained to kill zombies and save the world!

So, yeah, a wee bit of a stretch of reality there, sure, but overall the movie came to an end with me satisfied - and no, not just because the popcorn was buttery and perfect!

Somewhere along the line in 'Dead Trigger' things that Dolph does and his bosses say kinda ring true for a future world over run with zombies. Although, of course, playing online shooter games gives you absolutely zero real-life skills worth of any proper job!

So, for a zombie movie that you didn't have to think too much about the zombie makeup and special effects were quietly adequate (which is top notch for a B-movie), but just don't expect anything overly gory or interesting in terms of decay and gnarly injuries.

It also had an upscale low budget feel to it and yet still managed to fair well enough with both myself and two accompanying friends who sat down for the cinematic ride with me. Indeed, yes, the effects served their purpose save for the horrible CGI-animated blood sprays (that were all just highly laughable to watch).

As for the acting in the movie, well let's just say that you shouldn't be expecting anything in terms of character development, dramatic acting, or anything even close to that. This was low budget to the core and thus serves its audience well! This is a Widescreen Presentation (2.40:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

The 'Dead Trigger' Blu-ray and DVD will be available July 2nd, 2019 via Lionsgate Films and for the suggested retail price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Official 'Dead Trigger' Trailer