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Ghost Canyon

(Teresa Marie Doran, Dan Lin, Sari Mercer, Caleb Noel, Miles G. Jackson, William Aaron, et al / Blu-ray+Digital / NR / 2018 / Mill Creek Entertainment)

Overview: Summer 1929 - at the end of the golden age of exploration - an expedition of Ivy League university botanists enter an uncharted forest on the North American frontier.

Tasked to study the native flora, the students unearth a deadly organism and are soon in a fight with nature itself. They must use their limited resources to understand, survive and escape the wild and terrifying forest that surrounds them.

Blu-ray Verdict: Watching 'Flora' it's initially hard to believe that the beautifully cinematic film could come close to being what we know as a "thriller" - but it very much is so.

Complete with some rather eye-catching 1929 cinematography, four botany students - Ora Blackwood (Teresa Marie Doran), Matsudaira Basho (Dan Lin), Rudyard Corey (Miles G. Jackson), and Charles Horne (William Aaron) - are tasked with journeying into, basically, an unmapped part of the woods to assist a professor on a survey.

Along for the ride is a nurse, Avis Tasker (Sari Mercer) and Rudy's brother Haviland (Caleb Noel), but when the professor they have to meet doesn't appear at the rendezvous point, the sextet plot a new course up the river without him.

Still headed to the same camp, as planned, they arrive to find it now abandoned, wrecked, the provisions they were promised that would last them the whole month now gone.

As the movie gently, oh so gently in places, moves along, one by one they realize that their provisions and the professor are not the only things missing. For standing outside in the hub of nature, they suddenly come come to the mysterious conclusion that there are also no animal or even insect noises either.

Writer/director Sasha Louis Vukovic has visually created a timeframe here that is encapsulated by not only a wonderful cast of actors/characters, but also both a cinematic landscape of lush, green forests and arduous rock faces, along with time period appropriate music too.

Come the end, and there will be no spoilers here in the slightest, these characters' increasing sense of the isolation of which "surrounds" them is rightly, and magnificently brought to the fore. 'Flora' is quite like no other film that I've seen in the past decade and it is truly worth you investment re: time and money. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Behind the Scenes Featurette
Deleted Scenes
Commentary with Sasha Loius Vukovic, Teresa marie Doran, and Dan Lin