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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Once Upon a Sign: The New Stone Soup'
(Various / DVD / NR / 2015 / DawnSignPress)

Overview: 'Once Upon a Sign' is a series of classic children's stories re-created with modern themes and performed entirely in beautiful American Sign Language. Delight all over again in timeless stories with new twists. Get excited for Fun Signs, a recap of key signs from the stories. Join in the fun by signing along, perfect for kids learning ASL!

DVD Verdict: The next in line in this great new series is 'Once Upon a Sign: The New Stone Soup,' which tells the story of where deep in the Redwoods of Northern California, a quaint village is just starting the day. A trio of traveling performers arrive and wow the townspeople. But the villagers need a little help showing their appreciation. How will three little stones accomplish that? Featuring CJ Jones, Michelle Banks and David Rivera, this latest edition to the Once Upon a Sign series is a mighty fine storytelling one, for sure.

Other titles thus far released include: 'Once Upon a Sign: Little Red Riding Hood,' which is set in New York City. However, this updated version of Little Red Riding Hood will take you on a exciting trip through Central Park. Little Wolf will be up to his old tricks but will Little Red fall for it? Or will the Park Ranger save the day? And how will Grandma react to all the excitement going on?

Next is 'Once Upon a Sign: The Magic Mirror,' which shows us a young Alice Cogswell who wants to enter the talent show but she's unsure of herself. After an audition that doesn't go her way, she gets some magic help. But will this magic help get her to the talent show and help her ASL poetry sparkle?

Then comes 'Once Upon a Sign: Goldilocks and the Three Bears,' where overlooking the scenic California coast, a quaint home sits alone. This is the home of the Three Bears. But today, something will change. An unexpected golden-haired visitor awaits them when they return home after a nice, long walk on the beach.

Finally we have 'Once Upon a Sign: Jack and the Beanstalk,' which taking place in Los Angeles. Jack and his family are struggling to make ends meet, and after Jack returns from a chance encounter, it seems his family will continue to struggle. But overnight, a dramatic change happens in their front yard. How will this change impact the family? And how will it impact Los Angeles?

Each tale has been re-imagined by DawnSignPress and enables the viewer to really begin to get involved in the classic tales like, perhaps, they never were able to before. Most run at around the 30 minute mark, contain voice-over work, English subtitles, and most importantly, are enthralling to behold as small screen works of passionate art.

Also included are "Fun Signs," a recap of key signs from the stories where you can then, after you've experienced the reworking of the tale, join in the fun by signing along. It's just perfect for kids learning ASL!