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Ghost Canyon

'Super Comet - After The Impact'
(DVD / NR / 2008 / IMAGE Ent.)

Overview: Imagine a world cloaked in complete darkness. Food and water supplies disappear, tsunamis and fires rage, and scorching temperatures plummet to an Ice Age cold within months. Many scientists believe these cataclysmic environmental changes wiped out the dinosaurs after a gigantic asteroid struck the planet millions of years ago...and some say humans could be the next species to face extinction. 'Super Comet - After The Impact' dares to bring the unthinkable to life in a fascinating look at how humans could adapt to a new world plagued by devastation on a global scale.

DVD Verdict: I saw this movie on TV a few months ago. I was glued to the TV as I believe this to be the best Comet movie I have ever seen. Let's not forget 'Armageddon' with Bruce Willis. I was looking for the DVD but they didn't have it until now. This movie has an interesting format. You are introduced to a table of scientists who are there to education you as to what will happen when the super comet hits.

"Something like that will release 100 million megatons of energy. It plows through the atmosphere in a second or two. Whether it's a deep ocean or not doesn't matter; it's so much bigger than the depth of the deepest ocean that it just blasts out a huge crater. This is going to obliterate all the life on a continental scale. Anything that's unprotected is going to die within the first minutes after impact." - Prof. Jay Melosh.

For some reason our learned scientist are not in harms way. They continue to sit at their table as all of this destruction is going on. Each of these individuals take turns offering their expertise. This goes back and forth throughout the whole film. Scientists-Drama, Scientists-Drama. As the comet is on its way to earth and after it hits, the scientists educate us as to what will happen to the environment and the few humans that survive this event.

At the same time there is a drama going on with people who have survived the desolation. You will see the horrifying destruction that the comet has caused on the earth with some great special effects. This is really quite a story! The electromagnet waves will take out anything with a computer chip in it. So, bye-bye iPods', automobiles, TV's, computers, you name it. Ladies and Gentlemen ... it is time to prepare! This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs, but does not come with any Special Features.