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Ghost Canyon

'WWE Unforgiven 2007'
(WWE / DVD / NR / 2007 / WWE)

Overview: This year’s 'Unforgiven' marks the first time that this event will feature stars from all three WWE® Brands. WWE Champion John Cena® faces off against the Legend Killer Randy Orton® in a return bout from their thrilling battle at 2007 Summerslam®.

In one of the most exciting and anticipated matched of the night World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali™ takes on “The Animal” Batista™ and Rey Mysterio® Jr. in a three way thriller. Other top matches include the Undertaker® taking on Mark Henry™ with the winner being declared the #1 contender for the Heavyweight Championship belt and ECW Champion CM Punk™ goes head-to-head with Elijah Burke™.

'Unforgiven' will feature all of the event matches in their entirety as well as bonus matches, interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes clips.

DVD Verdict: 'Unforgiven' wasn't a great PPV event, but it was far from bad. Undertaker returned and had a pretty lame match. But its not his fault. Mark Henry just isn't good! Anyway, here's the rundown, as usual:

'ECW Championship Match' - CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke: WOW! The ECW title match as the opener? I think it's wrong to do that, but oh well. A very good opener. And better than the two title matches after it. A very good wrestling match between these two. Matt Base grappling with some submission holds. The ending came out of nowhere but I have no complaints about it at all. These guys are getting better at their work.

'WWE Tag Team Titles' - Matt Hardy & MVP vs. Deuce & Domino: This match was putting over a storyline for the most part. Matt & MVP competing against each other with the possiblilty of self-destructing. A pretty fun and entertaining match. More entertainment than wrestling. Nothing really special here.

'NO DQ Match for Carlito only' - Triple H vs. Carlito: A pretty funny match with a funny stipulation. Carlito can do whatever he wants in this match. Triple H has to be sneaky about it. A couple of funny spots. Again more towards entertainment than wrestling. Some weapon use but nothing over the top.

'WWE Women's Title Match' - Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix: Another match putting over an inring story. Candice basically trying to overcome Beth Phoenix's overwhelming strength. This match was one sided for the most part. Beth did a good job looking unstoppable but she still needs to get better. And the more I see Candice Michelle's in ring skills improving is the more I like her. A decent match for the most part.

'Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Title' - Great Khali vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista: The only good part about this match was the ending. Khali did his unstoppable routine against both guys. My problem with this match mainly is Rey had no business in it to me. It just didn't seem believeable in the slightest. And Batista did a horrible job selling Rey's attacks. I really didn't care for this match too much. The only saving grace was the ending.

'World Tag Team Titles' - Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch: For some reason the crowd wasn't into this match. And this is possibly match of the night. Great chemistry between these two teams. Lots of teamwork, mat wrestling, fast paced, a pretty good ending. The match was pretty much above average.

'WWE Championship Title' - John Cena vs. Randy Orton: This match sucks compared to their Summerslam match. This match was basically an in ring story as well. Cena bent on revenge for Randy attacking his father. Lots of brawling and barely any wrestling or entertainment at all. And the ending coupled with the length of the match almost spelled disaster. I really didn't like this match or the aftermath.

'Return of the Undertaker' - Undertaker vs. Mark Henry; I remember all of Taker's return matches and this is by far the worst to me. Very slow even for a big man match. But what more can be expected from Henry besides a bunch of splashes? The ending was also very predictable.

The PPV had some decent matches in the middle and beginning. It's a good thing I don't expect too much from WWE anymore! That said this isn't a bad PPV at all, but it doesn't compare to the 'Great American Bash' or 'Backlash.' I still recommend it because of the good matches pointed out. The Good outweights the Bad in my opinion.