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Ghost Canyon

'Supernatural - The Complete Second Season'
(Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles / 6-Disc DVD / NR / (2005) 2007 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: They're back - the ghouls and vampires, the ghosts and spirits - and even more terrifying entities. And wherever these evil beings are, you'll find brothres Sam and Dean Winchester, hunters on the trail of the demon who murdered their mother ... and of any other unholy agent of the Supernatural.

DVD Verdict: In the midst of this television season's coverage of "Lost"'s fall from grace and eventual comeback and the big waves made by "Heroes", not to mention the slew of increasingly brazen reality TV saturating the market this gem of a show got lost in the shuffle.

Season one was a solid start for the show, full of monster-and-hottie-of-the-week stories that stood alone while very slowly giving us an inkling of a larger plot at work before ending with a glorious cliffhanger. The music was wonderful, the guest stars brilliant, and the homages to classic and modern horror were thick.

If you missed it, now's the time to catch up because season two is a winner in every possible way. The first episode is among the greatest season openers I've ever had the pleasure of viewing and it shakes this show to it's very core and sets the tone for the entire year's events. From there, Sam and Dean set out to get revenge for their deceased family members and save as many people as they can along the way. Second verse, same as the first, right?

Well, no, not quite. We still get our monsters-of-the-week and our cute guest stars and our classic rock soundtrack, but the tone of this season is so much darker and the events so traumatic that the stakes just seem to be on a whole other level. Friendships are made and broken, loyalties are tested, long-standing beliefs are challenged, all three Winchesters fight for their very souls, and almost nobody's getting out whole. This season is a tooth-and-nail battle for survival and while it still has a hefty dose of the humor that made the first season so much fun, it's obvious that this show is no longer just playing around at having a larger plot. This is the real deal.

Among the baddies met along the way are more vampires (one played by an almost unrecongnizable Amber Benson of "Buffy" fame), a rogue hunter, a living dead girl, a female werewolf (in the most heart-wrenching episode of any show I've seen this season), a deal-making demon for those who remember the legend of Robert Johnson, some of Sam's fellow "gifted" children (we do learn their secret), and a Norse trickster god to name a few. The music, if anything, has gotten better this season and so have the guest stars.

My favorite guest performance has got to be the loveable Katherine Isabel from cult-classic werewolf flick "Ginger Snaps" who shows up twice and inspires adoration in every frame she's in. If you missed this show on the CW, shame on you; now buy this set. If you missed the first season buy that set too. This show is so good I'd hate to see it die because nobody bothered to watch it for themselves. These kinds of shows are notoriously short-lived and the television big-wigs have little patience for them so when one of this caliber gets on the air and stays on the air, we need to keep it that way in every way we can.

Support horror, sci-fi, and fantasy television now, and we'll be rewarded with more later ... I hope! This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Unaired Scenes
Commentary on 3 Key Episodes by Series stars and Creative Team
The Devil's Road Map: Interactive U.S. Map Guide to Urban Legends and Factoids Pertaining to Each Episode
Jared's Original Sceen Test for the role of Sam
The Episode from Hell: The Making of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
Gag Reel