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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Ghost Whisperer - The Second Season'
(Jennifer Love Hewitt, et al / 6-Disc DVD / NR / (2005) 2007 / Paramount Pictures)

Overview: Like a small-screen version of THE SIXTH SENSE, CBS's popular television series GHOST WHISPERER is a supernatural drama of the paranormal. Executive produced by real-life medium and author James Van Praagh (TALKING TO HEAVEN), the series centers around a small-town antiques-store owner, Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt, PARTY OF FIVE), who realizes she has the ability to communicate with ghosts. Melinda puts her unique skills to work by helping the dead find emotional closure while depending on her paramedic husband, Jim Clancy (David Conrad, ROSWELL), and new business partner, Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim), for moral support. This collection presents every episode of the series' second season.

DVD Verdict: 'Ghost Whisperer - Season 2' resolves the cliffhanger from last season, wherein Melinda Gordon (the gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt) began "seeing" the passengers of a plane who had become "earth-bound sprirts" just before the plane crashed in the town of Grandview, where the series is set. She then has the task of sending all 200 passengers into the afterlife, or crossing-over. As well as convincing them not to follow the advice of a man in black with a wide-brimmed hat (guess who?) who clearly has other plans for them. She's also faced with the knowledge of why the plane crashed and trying to tell investigators in such a way that doesn't reveal her ability to talk with the dead. All this comes at a personal cost to her, in the aftermath of the plane crash it was revealed one of the victims on the ground was her best friend and business partner Andrea (Aisha Tyler) whom she must also guide into the afterworld.

As sesason 2 begins, Melinda has apparently won her battle with the man in the wide-brimmed hat, she's said her final goodbye to Andrea, things slowly get back to normal around Grandview. But the plane crash and its aftermath continue to figure in Season 2. Throughout this season subtle hints are given that a bigger story is coming. And what a story it is.

In Season 2, Camryn Manheim is introuduced as single mom Delia Banks who becomes Melinda's new business partner and brings with her a 12 year old son who accidentally discovers Melinda's abilities. And Jay Mohr becomes a recurring character as an eccentric Professor with a great interest in the spirit world and Melinda herself. The "ghost stories" continue to have that sorta-scary edge to them when first encountered. And we begin to find out little bits about Melinda's life too. I'd like to see more episodes like this, might sound dumb but they give Jennifer a chance to show she's more than just a hot brunette with a rack (note to CBS wardrobe designers, get this girl some better clothes please! As a guy, it does make Fridays a little more enjoyable, but that's another story!). She's got some acting abilities too, people. Let's see more of those! Just remember that one episode showed a flashback to her high school days get someone else to play her at that age. Sorry Jen but your 27, not 16! That one really stretched the belivability envelope.

And as for the big story, I said that throughout this season small hints were dropped as to what was coming in nearly ever episode. Mohr's charcter brings it all into focus showing how the number 5 and a man with similar abilites named Gabriel plays into several signs of a coming event, and it isn't a good one. I won't reveal too much but in the season finale Melinda crosses over, if only for a moment, and the tone for Season 3 is set from here! This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

A Conversation With the Living - Cast and crew discuss how they felt about Season 2 story and character development, the changing tone of the show, and what they had hoped to accomplish in their sophomore year
Grandview Graveyard - Click on the headstones of the ghosts that appear in some episodes; the headstone then turns into an "o-back-tuary," or backstory of the character as told through interviews with the writers and producers
Melinda's Closet - Clothing guru Joseph Porro, the costume designer responsible for Melinda Gordon's trendsetting, romantic style explains how he chooses the unusual mix of antique and modern clothes and jewelry that make up Melinda's inspired look
Ghostly Visions - Key makeup artist Kandace Westmore and her team of makeup artists take us through the process of creating the frightening look of the dead for some of the second season's more memorable ghosts
The Other Side - webseries (8 webisodes) and accompanying trailer, plus behind-the-scenes with star Mark Hapka
Jennifer Love Hewitt Speed Painting Video
Crystal Ball Mind Game