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Ghost Canyon

'WWE: One Night Stand 2007' (WWE)
(WWE / DVD / NR / 2007 / WWE)

Overview: The Superstars of ECW, Raw, and Smackdown return to pay-per-view at 'One Night Stand!' The first two events in 2005 and 2006 showcased Extreme Championship Wrestling’s unique mixture of outrageous superstars, hardcore matches, and unbelievable moments, and this year’s event will continue the tradition, but with the added twist of Raw and Smackdown coming along for the ride.

DVD Verdict: Unlike the previous two years where this was an ECW event, all of WWE was represented on this PPV and after seeing the last ECW PPV...count your blessings that this wasn't an Vince McMahon ECW show. The format is very similar to how WCW did their Uncensored PPV back in '95 & how WWE does their Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday events in which every match has a special stipulation/gimmick to it. It made for a very unique PPV by WWE standards.

Stretcher Match: RVD vs. Randy Orton - The rules for this one are to put your opposition on a stretcher & carry them across the finish line at the entrance way. As a personal note, this is ironic for me since this is RVD's last match in WWE & one of the very first RVD matches I ever saw was against Sabu in a stretcher match. This match had RVD selling his concussion from the previous week while Orton was targeting his head. RVD was able to pull off the shocking upset win in the end but Orton got the last word with him delivering a DDT onto the floor with RVD hanging off the barricade.

Tables Match: Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, C.M. Punk vs. New Breed - ECW comes back to the event that they created. This match was real short & was the usual ECW style brawl similar to their WM match with it not having enough time for everyone to get their spots in but it was a good entertaining match for what it was.

Ladder Match: World Tag Team Champions The Hardys vs. World's Greatest Tag Team - Knowing the Hardys reputation in ladder matches with this being Jeff's 4th ladder match & Matt's 3rd in under a year along with Shelton's showstealing performances in the first two Money In The Bank along with him & Hass' outstanding performance in their "forgotten" ladder match again Tajiri & Eddie just knew this was going to be the match of the night which it was. The match started out as a brawl then the ladders were brought into play to make moves more high impact such as Hass being slammed off the top rope onto the ladder, Shelton being backdropped on one lying on the ring apron, and the Hardys shoving Hass & Benjamin off the ladder with Shelton going over the top rope & hitting a ladder on the way down. This wasn't a spotfest but was still a great match that was worthy of going on the ladder match DVD if this match happened earlier in the year.

Lumberjack Match: Kane vs. Mark Henry - Even though it was a lumberjack, Kane & Henry made it clear that they didn't need or want any help to get back into the ring whenever they were knocked out. This was the typical lumberjack match where the heels will help the heel as the faces did the same for the face. In the ring, this was a nice for a big man match with Henry not having to be carried or Kane overselling Henry's offense to make him look credible. The ending with Kane passing out in a bearhug was the only weak point in this match for me.

Street Fight Match: ECW Champion Mr. McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley - As expected, Shane McMahon & Umaga came out with Mr. McMahon and look out for Lashley doing a "crash & burn" trying to dive over the top onto Umaga. The match for the most part was just like their previous match at Backlash where Shane & Umaga did the dirty work with Mr. McMahon getting in his cheap shots with Lashley only getting his offense in when they made a mistake towards the end of the match. This was the most watchable match out of their series & served it's purpose of Lashley defying the odds & getting back his ECW title but besides that, nothing special here.

Pudding Match: Candice Michelle vs. Melina - With the expection of Candice almost losing her top & Melina's bikini, this was wrestlecrap at it's best.

Steel Cage Match: World Champion Edge vs. Batista - Well, this heavily makes up for their Judgment Day match as Batista did carry his own weight here in this cage match. It's wasn't a bloody massacre but a watchable matchup.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Great Khali - This was just like Judgment Day in the fact that Cena had to oversell Khali's offense to make the match someone watchable with the difference this time being that he actually got some more (but not much) offense in & used weapons like the camera boom to help him out. But in a nutshell, it was a clone of their Judgment Day match...a victory for Cena over the "monster" Khali.

DVD extras include a post match interviews with Cena, Henry, and Edge along with the RVD/Orton match from the previous RAW.

Overall, the first three matches were the best ones while the cage match was watchable. The rest of the matches were passable & nothing really memorable or anything to hurry up & rush to see but it looks better in comparison to the lackluster Judgment Day. I recommend this for a rental & make up your own mind. This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) and a Widesreen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.