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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Tactics, Vol. 1'
(Animation / DVD / NR / 2006 / MANGA)

Overview: Meet supernatural sleuth and writer Kantaro Ichinomiya. Kantaro spends his days traveling the Japanese countryside, fighting demons and writing about his adventures in hopes of finding the resting place of the mysterious Demon- Eating Goblin. During a trip to the countryside, Kantaro finds himself face-to-face with the creature he’s been searching for since childhood. Will Haruka the Demon-Eating Goblin join Kantaro’s band of supernatural adventurers? Press play to find out!

DVD Verdict: Young Ichinomiya Kantaro is a professional writer who writes articles and books about Japanese folklore. He spends his time investigating supernatural occurrences in the traditional Japanese countryside (from supernatural trains to photos that suck the life from people), while also being hired by the public as a "demon-hunter" or exorcist. However, although he exorcises evil spirits, he has the ability to see and communicate with demons. This ability caused him to be ostracised by other children when he was young, but has also given him the ability to be friends with demons and goblins (or tengu). Throughout his childhood Kantaro become obsessed with the infamous "ogre-eating goblin" who legend has it was an extremely powerful goblin who vanished. While investigating another case in a quiet village he comes across a seal that contains the goblin and he releases and names him "Haruka." Due to demon law because he was named by a human, Haruka now has to treat Kantaro as his master. Haruka has to cope with his loss of past memories and having to take orders from Kantaro. Meanwhile Kantaro is completely enamored with his new friend. The two live with a fox-demon girl Youko, who has become their unofficial housemaid and is constantly having to help Kantaro write his articles to meet their deadlines. The trio are joined in their adventures by little girl Suzu, who has a major crush on Haruka, and Sugino, a gorgeous pretty boy white-winged tengu who is now a mountain god, and Sugino's wife, Muu, who is a strange looking small green demon who looks more like an alien. The name goblin always brings forth images of ugly creatures. However goblins in Tactics are treated as beautiful bishounen protectors who have spiritual powers and wings. Haruka, for example, is a very good looking black-winged dignified man, who spends most of the series with a deadpan expression as he wonders what he is doing taking orders from Kantaro and looking after the young girls. In episode 13, later in the series, there is an funny moment when Haruka is forced to take Youko and Suzu into the woods so that they can do their "business." Tha main attraction of Tactics is the loveable characters who all have their own personalities, quirks and humorous moments. For example Sugino, whose main weakness seems to be his love of Muu and jealously of anyone who goes near her (though it is not possible for us to understand the main attraction between those two!), while Muu spends her time following Kantaro around who she has a crush on. Although mainly a shojo anime there is a strong hint of shonen-ai between Kantaro and Haruka with the whole master / servant concept. Although Kantaro spends time trying to find a rich wife (as the group are constantly broke), it is to Haruka that he declares that he would die to protect. So, fans like I am of the anime series mentioned above, gorgeous bishounen guys with wings, or if you are just looking for a cute new series, this a well worth a look. This is a Widescreen presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and come with the Special Features of:

Photo Gallery
Motion Menus
Textless Opening/Ending
Original Japanese Commercial
Original Japanese Merchandise Ads
Interviews with Japanese Voice Cast