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Ghost Canyon

Andromeda S1 V1, V2 & V3
(Kevin Sorbo / 2-Disc DVDs / NR / 2002 / ADV Films)

Overview:A determined Captain, a sentient warship, and an eclectic crew wage an urgent battle to save the universe on ’Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda’. Striving to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth, Captain Dyan Hunt (Sorbo) and his crew journey to distant worlds aboard the advanced starship, Andromeda Ascendant. Enemies abound at every turn, from the treacherous Nietzcheans to the dreaded Magog. What begins as a dream has now become a necessity. Will courage be enough ?

DVD Verdict:In the first of these five episodes, we see Captain Hunt in battle against 10,000 enemy ships, winning a bout of fisticuffs with a close friend turned enemy traitor, wrestling with the shock of being frozen in time for 300 years, and then diplomatically negotiating his way out of a salvage rights battle for his ship. The Andromeda Ascendant's emotionally driven, lifelike computer is desired by the Eureka Maru salvage vessel, and feisty Captain Beka Valentine can barely stop her engineer Harper from drooling about tinkering with her. The Maru's shipmates are similarly driven: Rev Bem (from another sworn enemy race) has a spiritual calling, while cutesy-pie Trance Gemini's motivations are part of her winning mysteriousness. One final addition is the show's muscle, Tyr, the enemy with a conscience, but ’Andromeda’ is Dylan's show all the way.
‘Under The Night’ (Premiere Episode), ‘An Affirming Flame,’ ‘To Loose The Fateful Lightning,’ ‘D Minus Zero,’ and ‘Double Heix’

”Angel Dark, Demon Bright” is a climatic episode in the ’Andromeda’ series. It involves Harper's Fusion catalyst, which will stun you with its effects as well as some great poetic lines from Rev and Tyr. It is by far one of the best episodes in this DVD Volume. In this Volume you also get 2 other great episodes, "The Ties That Blinds" which includes Beka Valentines brother and "The Banks of the Lethe" where Dylan reunites with his wife Sarah 303 years ago.
‘Angel Dark, Demon Bright,’ ‘The Ties That Blind,’ ‘The Banks Of The Lethe,’ ‘A Rose In The Ashes’ and ‘All Great Neptune’s Ocean’

"Pearls" features some great interactions between Beka and Trance, as well as the always-good John DeLancie as Uncle Sid. "Mathematics of Tears" has THE best fight scene in all of Season 1. No spoilers, but the entire thing is choreographed to an aria from ’The Flying Dutchman’ by Wagner ! "Distant Drum" sets the stage for Tyr's big secret which will be crucial later. Not that great of an episode, but anything that features Tyr is all right by me. "Harper 2.0" is a romp, but shows us the serious side of the normally light-hearted engineer. Harper winds up gaining all of the knowledge of the universe, but someone is after it.
‘The Pearls That Were His Eyes,’ ‘The Mathematics of Tears,’ ‘Music of A Distant Drum,’ and ‘Harper 2.0’
These are all Standard Versions and come with the Special Features of:
Commentary For ’Under The Night’ and ”Banks Of The Lethe’ featuring Kevin Sorbo and Allan Eastman;
Character Profiles: Dylan Hunt, Andromeda, Beka Valentine & Tyr Anasazi
Behind The Scenes – “The Andromeda Idea,” “E! Celebrity Profile: Kevin Sorbo & Visual Effects;
Production Biography – Co-Executive Producer/Writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Executive Producer Allan Estman & Executive Producer Majel Barrett Roddenberry;
Alternate Takes;
Timeline of the Commonwealth: The Age of Reform & Growth and Peace;
Prop & Set Concept Drawings;
Image Gallery – Creation of the Andromeda Ascendant, The Eureka Maru & Cast Shots;
Glossary of the High Guard A-D, E-J & K-O;
All Systems University 101 – Fighting Ships of the High Guard, Commonwealth Transportation & Life Forms;
TV Spots & Teasers;
ADV Previews.
Reviewed by Russ Trunk