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Ghost Canyon

Concert Reviews
Angie Aparo
(The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI – 4/28/02)

Walking into the Magic Bag, I had to wonder if there was going to be a show that evening. The atmosphere was relaxed and dark, with only intimate tables for seating. Arriving early, the room was only half full and a local by the name of Dan Minard took the stage. His bluesy style and powerful acoustic sound labeled “urban folk” was a sight not to be ignored. Performing songs from his CD simply titled, “Dan Minard”, such as “Action Man” and “Performance”, he is one musician to keep an eye out for in the future.

The tables were nearly all full when Angie strolled out nonchalantly, greeting the audience with, “How the hell are you all ?” to great applause. Touring only with his drummer/bassist Derek Murphy, it felt more like a cozy gathering of old friends, than a room full of strangers. Angie belted out with “Green Into Gold” from the CD The American, leaving his fans transfixed for the next hour and a half. However, the crowd wasn’t completely serious as in between songs, Angie left us laughing out loud to his anecdotes and quick quips. We even got to join in as back up chanting, “Woo-ee-woo-oo” to “Hush”. The entire show was definitely an emotional roller coaster as we were drawn back in for “Wonderland”, a sweet ode to his daughter, to which the applause didn’t seem to want to end. We got a lesson in encores from Angie as he told us exactly what he would do when the time came: sit on stage with his fingers in his ears, while the crowd cheered for more and then say, “Okay, one more”. He was true to his word and we yelled for more until he stood up to play a cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” off of his new independently-released cover CD Weapon of Mass Construction. Although not on a label, the new CD can be purchased at

The encore was a medley of new and old, with such songs as the Alice in Chains cover “Man in the Box” and “The American”. Angie chose “Free Man” as his last song before he left the stage, which made me wonder if he was even throwing humor into his play list. I sat in my seat as the crowd hurried in line to get an autograph on their way out. I was still mesmerized by the intense performance I had just witnessed. Emotionally exhausted by the feelings of wanting to laugh and cry, I too waited in line to get an autograph and to tell Angie in person that it was the best live show I had ever been to. I suppose that I too am an “Angie Addict”.

Reviewed By: G.M. Pasfield

Any questions or comments please contact Gina at: